Lost Coins in Coin Safe

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Lost Coins in Coin Safe

Post by vincentbliu » Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:11 pm

I am not sure how screwed I am and see if any one on this forum has the same issue. If you do, please share some experience how your issue got fixed. I created a ticket, but their response is not quite relevant. It seems a copy and paste from a answer database. I seriously doubt the competence of their Support Team on solving member issues from my past experience of contacting them.

in one of my accounts, I deposited some OCs into Coin Safe back in 2017. I remember my total OCs both in OC account and Coin Safe account should be between 110 000 and 120 000. I checked my token accounts and mining history as well as my other accounts which bought the same package at the same time. The coin safe maturity date should be in Nov 2019. I can still see this back in Dec 2018.

I logged into my account Jun 22, 2019 and saw my coin safe account shows 0 balance. I clicked the coin safe link, then it asked me for my transaction password. I entered that without knowing by doing this, my entire balance in OC account will be moved to coin safe. My total OC now shows 83 000. there will be 1 more reversal from OFC, which will bring my total Balance of OC to 90 000. So, I am losing 20 000+ OC.

What is the proper way of solving this issue? I don't have any screen shot before. How can I make the support team take my issue serious? I feel what they are doing now is just copy and paste then close your ticket. They don't do any real work to help out.

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