global reset

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Shaping the future
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global reset

Post by Shaping the future » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:19 am

Hi Igorknik,

I have been listening to various specialists concerning the global currency reset. It looks like this new exchange tool is now used worldwide. There are rumors that cryptocurrencies will be added in this new SDR (special drawing rights)global currency basket. Here a good explanation about SDR's.
Or a bit shorter
It looks like OneCoin is fitting into this new global currency-system. Or maybe I am completely wrong. Is there a link between OneCoin and SDR's?

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Re: global reset

Post by Igorkrnic » Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:05 pm

Well, many experts and also anarchists are predicting/anticipating USD collapse. Emerge of new digital global currency and its mass adoption might actually succeed in that. If you understand Onecoin vision yes it truly fits into this but I think we are still a long way from that and through all these years, how onecoin is being attacked and many organizations try to bring it down, I'd say they have a shot.

I mean, I and many people that I respect and are way more successful than I agree that there is no such thing like a coincidence. Everything is by design.

Is it a coincidence that Bulgaria - the country with corruption reputation - was promoted to be EU president since January 2018?
Is it a coincidence that 1 day before Onecoin Coin Offering start, German prosecutors entered offices and took away servers for alleged accusations made by anonymous people?
Is it a coincidence that German prime minister Angela Merkel visited Bulgarian prime minister 3 days after prosecutors entered Onecoin offices in Sofia?
Here you can read about it:
Bulgarian priminister wrote:We know that we are not perfect, but we have the will and the sincere intentions to eradicate corruption to the end, "the Bulgarian Prime Minister said. He gave an example of the good work of the Bulgarian and German services Friday from the OneCoin cryptographic that had left Bielefeld.

I do not know if that is linked, in fact, I think it is not, but Onecoin can for sure fit in this story, but first they need to go through this private to public company transformation.

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