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Post by morgan48 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:05 pm

Today it´s seem possible to buy cars in Bulgaria through Kralev Cars Ltd with payment 100% onecoin. However there are some regulations and short time limits regarding coupons that might one loose all the coins. At first sight it seems a bit risky to do this kind of business. For that reason.....does anyone have experience in doing business with Kralev Cars Ltd or any other reference regarding mentioned car dealer?
Thanks in advance for reply.

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Re: DealShaker

Post by Igorkrnic » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:46 pm

There is only one way for buyer to lose coins in dealshaker and that is if they do not redeem purchased coupon before the expiry date,

the way I read kralev deals (some of them), I recall that when the car is ready for delivery, he will contact the buyer and the buyer then needs to there to sign a contract and redeem the coupon. So you give them coins after your car is ready for delivery so no risk.

I hear many people purchased from kralev via dealshaker witn ho problems and since he was called by the company to talk to GLG leaders about his understanding of being merchant, I think they trust him but I would not advise anyone to rely on trust with anyone :)

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