October 8th - and after

Here we will post all original accusations and arguments people who hate onecoin wrote all over blogs and comments. We will deeply analyze, dissect and answer everything with objective arguments. People will be left to decide which arguments are more logical and true to them
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Re: October 8th - and after

Post by detroyer » Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:22 am

Speculation on the stock in coins, which will be owned by investors to the 08/10/18 are large and no exact figures can be given. only OC has accurate figures and cannot be displayed for the reasons you all know. but allow me to explain my approach you will analyze and we can we close the number of one that will be placed on the exchange markets, DS and funds transfer, because the volume of coins available to the public will determine its value and we hope that this volume will not be too big.

To start consider the data disclosed by the company as the turnover realized in the € 8 billion until Dec 2017, and everyone knows that this turnover is the sale of educational packages.

2- 3500 PP = 3500 x €48890 = €171,115,000 which correspond to about 07 B One if we considere 2M One per PP.

3- revenue generated by other packages:
€(8 B - 171 M) = €7,829,000,000.
members have combined packages for ONE low price €0.5<One<€1,
so we take the average price of ONE = €0.8.
the number ONE generated by packages less than the PP is 7,829,000,000/0.8 = approximate 9 B One.

4- in this analysis we'll randomly take the number of one generated by packages.
(ultimate packs €118,000, supreme packs €188.000, Supercombo packs €229,250 approximate 1.3 B One.

5- Bonus generated on the trading account of all of the accounts onelife representing 40% of the bonus total and reinvested in the purchase of ONE or tokens is about €2 B for 200 M One calculated for an average of €10/one.

with these, we can estimate the volume of the stock of ONE who will be in the wallets of the members after 08/10/2018 : 7 + 9 + 1.3 + 0.2 = 17.5 B. on the 56 B which will be mined at 08/10/2018.

I hope that this figure will be close to reality because it wouldn't be a big volume and capitalization for the circulating coin for a price of €25 per coin would not exceed €425 billion. :D :D

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Re: October 8th - and after

Post by slobodanboda » Wed Apr 18, 2018 12:04 pm

I would also look on situation from another corner.
We did not calculate DS in calculation.
After 08.10. as company promised merchants will have priority for changing OC to EUR and this is correct.
I have read somewhere that now daily turnover on DS is around 7 ML EUR and we can easy say that after 08.10 should be at least 10 ML EUR daily.
So, company will obligate change to merchants at least 250 ML EUR monthly.
I hope that not complete sum will be changed but if we calculate 70% it's still huge amount.
Is somebody calculate if company can bear such a big amount monthly.
We all want that this project success but also we must talk about real problems and situations we can meet in future.
I hope that somebody has good answer.

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