What will happen when Onecoin goes to the market

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What will happen when Onecoin goes to the market

Post by Baileys123 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:31 am

Our coin first will be introduced at
xcoinx.com then company will decide whether they want to compromise their members data on other exchanges or not. but main thing is that if we can exchange our coin in to fiat currency from xcoinx then to be honest we don’t need other exchanges

About 40 to 50% coins will be held by the company and the remaining 50% will be considered as circulating supply so let’s say we will be 4 Million by the time of opening and we will have half of the coin capacity which would be 60 Billion.

Now 60 Billion is circulating supply and at least 20% is already gone to coin safe until 2019.

What is left? 30% and 4 Million Members Right? Ok

The Deal Shaker platform is going to take away most of the coins and by the October 2018 at least 10 to 20 % Coins will be with Merchants.

What is left? Don’t forget that between 10 to 20% coins are gone to OFCs as well. What is left? 😆

Now you all must be thinking what’s going on right?

The Answer is that Company is trying their best to take over/Hold the maximum coins to control the stability of fluctuation at the time of launching.

I bet you that at the time of launching only small investors who holds very limited amount of coins will run for selling their coins and big investors will happily bought their coins and then the same small investor will return to xcoinx after 6 months to buy his same coin which he sold for cheap price and will pay double of the price in hoping to sell for better price.
This is called crypto trading!

We will see how 3.3 Million Members will sell their coins in one go 😆

Actually this is the question always raised by our haters when they are pitching their shits to our community and basically they are misleading those who doesn’t have enough knowledge about the concept of our business module.

I want to request everyone to please educate your selves from OneAcademy by logging in at

Hi Igor what do you think of this analysis?

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Re: What will happen when Onecoin goes to the market

Post by Igorkrnic » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:51 am

Well, it's an assumption and opinion of some IMA.
I don't think Onecoin vision is to be crypto trading asset but merchant coin.

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