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Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:25 pm
by Igorkrnic
Many people from Onelife network liked blog cause it was one of few who wrote positive articles for any MLM company, and Onelife was not an exception.

Onecoin critiques and haters were so sure that dr Ruja paid alleged owner Ted Nuyten to write those and they still think so although even birds learned by now that Onecoin company only paid for salaries for their workers. The rest of propaganda if it was paid, it was paid by Onelife IMA. And when I say this, I mean Onecoin company never paid or bribed bloggers who were supposed to be neutral to write biased about Onecoin. But they did pay some advertising campaigns like BrandVoics Forbes, Economist etc. That is not bad to work to strenghten your brand in the beginning.

That is how MLM works. The company pays network via compensation plan instead of marketing budget that classic companies have, and IMAs pay promotions and events.

Well, I always knew businessforhome was somehow manipulated and those huge leader profits could easily be inflated or untrue (I know for a fact that Herbalife top earners from that list earn way more than they state it is just that they don't care to expose there), now it might be clear who did it.

As we know, Igor Alberts, former top Onelife earner is actually a co-owner of
We know this cause he himself told this to many of his colleagues and friends so it is kinda “public secret”.
It is easier to understand so much buzz about Onelife and Onecoin there. He probably ordered those.

Let me explain a bit about what actually happened recently before I dig into why exactly is compromised.

As all Onelife members know, ex European ambassador - Kari Wahlroose was fired from the company effective since December 04 2017:
Effective today, December 4, 2017, Mr. Kari Wahlroos, will no longer serve the role of OneLife Network European Ambassador.
This news follows a series of reports issued on his activities as an independent marketing associate. Due to consistent miscommunication and misrepresentation of the OneLife Network operations and strategy, the management team of OneLife has taken the unfortunate decision to demote Mr. Wahlroos from all his activities and responsibilities for the Network.
The company has experienced serious legal consequences, following Mr. Wahlroos’ behavior on and off stage, indirectly damaging its credibility and reputation.
As a company following an objective approach, all reports issued on Mr. Wahlroos were carefully investigated by a dedicated compliance team in order to determine the validity of the information provided.
Reflecting on the recent events and the rapid growth of the Network in the past 3 years, 2018 will present a new leadership agenda, focused on giving more opportunities for training newcomers and developing newly qualified Leaders under the mentorship of trusted leadership trainers.
Adhering to the Network’s vision on continuous personal and professional growth of its members, OneLife will present it’s training agenda for 2018 in Q1 of next year. The newly developed program involves more time, efforts and resources invested into growing a new generation of leaders and network marketing professionals, who will carry out the training agenda for 2018.
The OneLife Network company is encouraging all members to fill in the Whistle Blower report if they experience ANY misconduct or breach of the IMA rules, by anybody, despite their ranking or qualification.
The entire OneLife corporate team is grateful to be part of one big Family and are looking forward to making next year BETTER for everyone! Together for more.
I will now write publicly something I normally wouldn't but I am forced cause those guys are playing dirty, I disliked them playing unethical while in Onelife, thus damaging Onecoin, now it is personal cause they do it against Onelife.

All that I will write are facts and dots collected by many credible sources cause we have three monkies trying to shake a too large coconut tree hoping that lose nuts will fall down to them but some falling nuts will hurt them.

Immediately after being dismissed from Onelife, Karie started private meetings with some Onelife members to promote Dagcoin, his new project and according to his words from some leaders that Kari tried to convert, he was preparing Dagcoin and Daguniversity since summer 2017 which means he was still paid by Onecoin at that time so he is a monkey who managed to be on two trees at the same time.

Not long after he persuaded Iilian Cimbala to be his DAGcoin European ambassador to be his peon for converting Italian Onelife leaders, his sister Andrea Cimbalas husband Igor Alberts came on the turn. (not sure if Andrea plays the same game as her husband, personally I kinda do not feel it.

Kari invited them to Estonia to show them "technology, an OPEN SOURCE code, a DAG". Wait, why fly to Estonia to see open source code when you can see it on
But ok, seems like they were so scared all of the sudden cause they DO NOT KNOW if Onecoin has the tech. So Igor Alberts flew to Sofia to meet Konstantin Ignatov and demanded to see the tech, but he was late and Konstantin could not greet him cause he had other people there.
Igor tried to speak with the head of compliance and asked her about the blochcian only to learn that blockchain is not her job but anyway he can not see it.
So despite he got answers to all his questions, seems like Igor was "disappointed" that he can not see Onecoin tech so he decided to join Kari in his venture where tech is transparent.

What is wrong here InMyOpinion:

1) Dagcoin uses open source code, taken from other people's work - Byteball.
Since it is open source code you can see that Byteball has much activity and almost all repositories were freshly updated with new code and improvements because they invented DAG (Directed Asyclic Graph) so they know what they are doing.
DAGcoin people took this code and renamed it and God help them to know how to improve it for future alleged mass market usage or in case byteball devs abandon their work. IOTA also took Byteball code and changed DAG to TANGLE and made it for industry-grade transactions.

But you do not need to fly to Estonia to see Dagcoin tech, you can simply go to and see Dagcoin code but compared to original Byteball code at Dagcoin we see there was no activity for more than 20 days on most of the repositories and they just recently added whiteness repo that are supposed to be nodes holding transaction data since there are no blocks here cause it is not a blockchain at all so DAG so DAG can not work without witness nodes who need to sync making it more centralzied to blockchain that can be decentralized to many world wide nodes and they are easily synced.
They advertise how DAG is better than blockchain and how it is innovation to lure people in, but it is UNPROVEN, even IOTA has many problems where transactions get stuck cause they can not sync and they only have one witness node.
This article explains some possible problems for DAG.

To further realize this, they named a coin DAGcoin, where DAG is short for Directed Asyclic Graph, that is the underlying technology behind Byteball and IOTA so far, so naming coin DAGcoin would be like naming coin BLOCKCHAINcoin. Silly.

I wish them much luck in maintaining this code taken from other people (not illegal) and depending on their work and even worse, delivering what they are about to hype - mass market payment solution (without kyc).

2) If all of the sudden, after 3 years and millions EUR taken from people whom he sold education to get Onecoins, Igor Alberts "came to his senses" and is questioning if Onecoin has a blockchain so he moves to another project who simply downloaded someone's free open source code???

First of all, if I would take millions from people for something I do not even understand and all of the sudden I realize I tricked those people, I would run and hide in the deepest hole in the world. But not Alberts, he just ditches his millions of ONE cause he no longer believes in them, but luckily for him, he still has his EUR millions earned with the company and he will not promote open source code cause it seems to be a trend.

Onecoin started this MLM distribution of initial coins but came across bitcoin community cause they promoted as bitcoin killers at the beginning and are closed source so they attracted huge open source community criticism. So some people realize "let's just mask our idea behind open source code that we can EASILY and FOR FREE download from any project and no one will bash us cause we have open source code and explorer. So here we are. And they fish for ignorants who cannot see if there is any future there.

But wait, why the hell didn't Onecoin just download someone else blockchain for free???

Well, I have no proofs for this, but maybe because they have their own custom solution made by their IT people, a recipe they do not want to disclose, especially to those treachery leaders who are so easy to draw to other projects and give away strategy questions. People without honor.
Also, maybe they actually want to truly deliver mass market payment system that can be fast with a low fee? But since we know none of the "finished" public blockchains can deliver that, maybe that is why Onecoin does not have a simple free copy of code like Firstcoin, DAGCoin etc.

Ok, sorry for a bit long offtopic but it is needed to understand what happened to Igor Albers and he is co-owner of and we need to understand what he is about to start to do. Maybe he will come to his senses and look himself in a mirror and stop this madness but maybe he is not interested if DAGcoin can provide what they plan, maybe he is not doing it for a spite. Only he knows.

What is sad is that they now send their peons to Onelife webinars to spam hatred, Igor Alberts even added the most fanatic Onecoin hater to DAGcoin social group so he can bash Onecoin. This is so low and craping on own head for both Alberts and Tayshun cause Alberts was under attack of Tayshun for all of his Onelife career. Those "people" have no honor. I got that info from a reliable insider source who is pretending to be converted.

I decided to write all this only because I see the unethical and unprofessional practice of DAGcoin leaders. I would never wish to bash any project publicly, I keep my opinions for myself but here we have some treachery and I will state my findings and understandings and everyone is free to connect the dots for themselves.

I write this topic to warn about one totally fake and FUD (Fear Doubt and Uncertainty) making an article on and it has no business there other to try to scare as many Onelife leaders as they can so DAGcoin. You can read it here: ... sappeared/

So let's see what they say and in our fashion here quote the paragraphs and analyze:
Friends, intimi, top distributors as corporate employees have not seen or heard about OneCoin – OneLife founder Dr.Ruja Ignatova since October 9 of last year.
Although I kinda feel them, I am personally not stressed out about dr Ruja not being laud currently cause this is a private cryptocurrency company with many user platforms (not all yet delivered) and whole ecosystem, not just coin.
She made a vision, but there is a company of people and managers that lead it.
Many people work on their jobs there to deliver the concept.
So saying Onecoin will collapse because no one knows where dr Ruja is as insane as to say Bitcoin will fail cause we don't know where Satoshi Nakamoto is. Literally.

Ruja Ignatova is the heart and soul of OneCoin – OneLife and has total control of the corporate operations.
As a direct result of the disappearance, the majority of active Top Leaders have recently left, disappointed, the company, pursuing other opportunities, as a ship without captain is unacceptable in Network Marketing.
The problem with those ancient MLM people who only worked here for money was that they are stuck in the "one person cult" era where they worship one leader or founder but they lask to understand that dr Ruja never wanted that and cryptocurrency is far away from one personality control so this company does not worship one person, but the vision, the concept, and all the people, cause all this will fail if people are gone, not dr Ruja.
As a result of the collapse of the network marketing arm of Onecoin – the Onelife network – we have decided to remove the top earners from the Business For Home ranks.
Ok, so what do we see here. Since this article is 100% ordered by the boss - Igor Alberts, he seems to think of himself as the backbone of Onelife so with him gone, network collapsed?

This is notorious bullshit, sorry but he lost all the right for respect so I will say my opinion that he was nothing more than a motivational speaker dressed like a clown on business events chasing away real business people who were possible new users.
For a long time I skipped his speech cause it had nothing to do with actual vision and cryptocurrency, he even said in Lisbon that Onecoin does not need public trading cause we have dealshaker. Jesus. He was not even able to make his own positions when he joined so he can earn as much as possible from the compensational plan so another leader who is is still loyal to Onecoin, cause he understood it, made it for him.
But "Thank you guys for pushing me but by now"

Sorry, but Onelife was never healthier, yes it is true that many people who joined early are disappointed by public trading delays but they do not understand the crypto market from business and financial part so we can understand them and it is better so they move to some easier projects.
But at least be professional and look for your own yard. I know many people who thought to join DAGcoin but after they realized its storefront by having a brain, they chose not to. So Onelife will regroup, reorganize and will pull this caravan to its start line for October 2018.

So, since is supposed to be neutral MLM promoting website, seems like by having an MLM "leader" as co-owner made it not so credible any more.