Is OneCoin a ponzi scheme

Here we will post all original accusations and arguments people who hate onecoin wrote all over blogs and comments. We will deeply analyze, dissect and answer everything with objective arguments. People will be left to decide which arguments are more logical and true to them
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Re: Is OneCoin a ponzi scheme

Post by Igorkrnic » Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:01 am

CryptoXpose wrote:
Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:00 am
It's funny how you are able to "explain" all these news like there's never any problem, at least not in OneCoin. It's always somebody else, but not OneCoin or Ruja.. You should consider a political career.. :lol:
This is nothing to do with me explaining news. It's not my fault that literally all "bad" news about Onecoin are twisted and misleading.
All you need to do is to know how to read and have an open mind (which you don't).
All I did was quote the article and analyze what it says. Eg, look at what those people were talking and compare it with actual company policy and it's not so hard to understand whether it is their individual fault or the company's fault.

To be honest, for the first time I saw all 4 Indianexpress topics and read them thoroughly. I think I will make a topic about India. I need to gather some more data.

All those articles are very similar to writings on Gerlachreport. Only some story without any evidence, some official links to back up the story.
But let's leave conspiracy theory aside.

Reading through all articles I realize that those are the facts according to Indian Express:

1) There were 3 events organized in India from September 2016 until April 2017. Those were people who were promoting Onecoin.

2) Those people did not mention any education, they promoted Onecoins and were taking cash money from people and were giving them accounts at onecoin website to see how many onecoins they have. I wonder if they knew anything about and since those are the right websites, will be used later when publicly traded.

3) Those people were telling potential buyers that their onecoins will increase in value as more people join mlm scheme and they were promised to have their payouts in December 2018.

4) Police realized this as a ponzi scheme and made arrests to make a stop to this before too many people join and make public hype when they realize they might not be paid in December 2018.

5) Seems like police definitely thinks that Bulgarian company is behind all those actions. Did they try to contact them at all it is unclear in those articles? Does the police know about Onelife Network and ? Did they check compliance to compare with what those people were saying before linking the company with what those people were saying? If you ask me, I see another Italy here...

Do you find anything that does not match between India events and Onelife/Onecoin work in every other country around the world that is in line with companies compliance.

I do think those kind of news are bad for the company and they need to work better at compliance but it is easy to see that those people worked wrong,

I still to not see answers to my 1) and 2) questions

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