OneCoin/OneLife today?

Here everyone can state their opinions on Onecoin/Onelife ecosystem. You are free to critique flaws or praise the good sides of the vision. Any hatred will be removed.
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OneCoin/OneLife today?

Post by morgan48 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:32 pm

Hello Igor,
I read with great interest your introduction text (June 18, 2017) regarding the purpose of this Forum. Very true everything you think and write. Now one year do you see the situation/future for our project when we are heading for "going public" in October? A lot of things has happened: the founder Dr. Ruja has disappeared - or at least that is what we think (will she suddenly pop up as the "lady in the box" one day?), leaders of the the company has been replaced frequently and the blockchain does not seem to work either. The difficulty grade is frozen at 98 sinse many months now. It would be nice to hear your opinion about the present situation. Are you as positive as you were one year ago?

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Re: OneCoin/OneLife today?

Post by Igorkrnic » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:43 pm

To be honest, I am even more positive today than I was before simply because a year ago, I mostly relied on information from network leaders and today I have direct info from the company and this one is pure, raw, unaltered info.
Ruja is not missing, she is simply not a public figure anymore, the same way as many managing people were never public.
Blockchain works, but the link between it and back office is not working fully as intended so they are working on the fix on that one.

Leaders who were replaced are not leaders, most were follower makers who make sheeple that follow them from project to project making them a lot of money while they collect crumbs. I call them scammers. IMO it is good that they are not here anymore.

The present situation is far from perfect, mostly because scammy early leaders, the company could not fix that problem quick but slowly by letting them drown in their shit and run away. Then we have all the criminals, haters and fanatic critics against the company who work day and night on whistleblowing against the company as soon as some IMA makes problems somewhere and this makes unnecessary waste of legal resources and time for the company.

Lastly, we had this investigation that happened in January that scared away already bad IT team and we ended up with many bugs that they are working on and seems like some people think it is a finger snap fix where management wants completely more stable and better solution that takes a lot of time to develop... I mean I am part of many crypto projects and I kinda know how development is slow. Bitcoin is in development for 9 years now and it is still just an experiment.

As for the company going public, that is not only an exchange opening to exchange ONE to fiat :) There is a lot more to that that I can not speak publicly cause it will be revealed when the time comes. I hear the first news about it will be in August, soon.

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