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Trusted seller of Oneacademy codes -

Post by Igorkrnic » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:00 pm

In order to help Onelife smooth out withdrawals through this licensed payment gateway, we need to steer more users to buy gift codes whrought
this website, note that it is trusted and approved by the company Onecoin:

The trustful source to receive your Oneacademy gift codes really fast: This shop is handled by GLG Member Pascal-Rene ANDRE and ELTRONPAY s.r.o. ELTRONPAY is a licensed SPI in Czech Republic and got the license to receive and send money from the Czech National Bank end of 2017.

Personal comment from Pascal-Rene ANDRE

Since we became the distributor for giftcodes we developed with my team in our office a lot.
We run successfully the online shop:
To be able to deliver all orders quick, we established ELTRONPAY for all payment transfers.

ELTRONPAY has also a partnership with the OneLife HQ and every day more members see the efforts of ELTRONPAY when they receive also withdrawals from their cash account as a wire transfer from ELTRONPAY.

Our slogan Together for more is so much more than just words, together everything is more easy to achieve, when we are united and aligned we are unstoppable!


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