WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

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WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by Igorkrnic » Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:45 pm

First of all, I want to make a disclaimer that I made this forum to make a neutral ground for people that believe and those that do not believe in this mysterious project called Onecoin. I am not a promoter, I do not sell packages, I am not Onelife IMA but I do have Onecoins that I got with my education packs so I kinda did that because I currently trust in the company good intentions to carry out the great vision.
I do not recommend and give advice to people reading this forum to engage and be part of this project. My role on this forum is to give my personal opinion on most of the topics against Onecoin based on my perception. I did go to Sofia to meet management as a user just to make sure there is someone there and to ask questions, so I kinda trust them. I can be wrong, of course, so please do not take my opinion here as advice.
Just make it an ingredient for your own opinion and decision.

In this topic, I will address one annoying argument we constantly see parroted over the comments on the internet.
It is bragging how many authorities around the world had issued warnings against Onecoin along with "prohibitions".

I will use this anti-Onecoin web site onecoinscam.info that has been completely debunked here
Let's see what is going on there, is that really a matter that says Onecoin is scam as critiques state :)

Here is their complete list of warnings and prohibitions:

As we see they were eager to point out the part that refers to Onecoins MLM model.
Here is the original article.
Let's quote some:
The range of virtual currencies available on the Internet is constantly increasing, with terms like “digital currency”, “alternative currency”, “crypto currency” or similar constructions being used in combination with the terms for money or currencies. The FMA explicitly advises that such offerings are currently not subject to any form of regulation, and in particular are not subject to supervision by the FMA. The FMA therefore warns consumers to exercise the utmost caution in relation to virtual currencies.
Basically, we see just a warning that virtual currencies are not regulated by FMA and all participants should understand there is a risk.
The models and products are designed in such a way that they are not subject to license obligations, and therefore consequently are not supervised.
Such models and products, for example, involve the purchasing or investing in software or hardware, with which virtual money can be created, or which can be used to trade in virtual money, with particularly high returns
Here they describe a system familiar to Bitcoin and other Altcoins.
Other examples involve virtual currencies, where in order to ensure their use to gain high returns information or training materials must first of all be purchased. Many such schemes are based on similar “Multilevel Marketing Plans” (MMPs) as those used by network marketing programs
Here they describe digital currencies that have MLM model.

They also referred to two articles from EU about warnings to digital currencies:
Here is an original link to the first.
The European Banking Authority (EBA) issued today a warning on a series of risks deriving from buying, holding or trading virtual currencies such as Bitcoins
They only mention Bitcoin, no mention of Onecoin in the text.

Here is an original link to the second.
The causes for these risks were also investigated by the EBA. These include for instance that a virtual currency scheme can be created -and its function subsequently changed- by anyone, and in the case of decentralized schemes, such as Bitcoins, by anyone with a sufficient share of computational power, and anonymously so.
Again mention of Bitcoin, no mention of Onecoin.

Then, at the end of FMA warning, they finally mention Onecoin probably to also refer to MLM model risks.
But they put three links, one is Belgian warning that will be analyzed later and UK warning that seems to be deleted.

The third link is next on critiques page:
Here is an original link to the article.
Ok so finally we have a document dedicated to Onecoin.
Onecoin is called the new virtual money machine, which is similar to Bitcoin. The Chamber of Labor warns against believing promises of quick money.
Sure, anyone must not believe anyone who promises them quick money. Onecoin especially, cause it is not short term project, it is long term project.
At Bitcoin, something like a market has actually established itself, with supply, demand and a strongly fluctuating exchange rate to real currencies. Whether Onecoin is also in this direction, is doubtful. A free trade has so far not been established despite allegedly great course development, and in the network are piling up against a fraud.
Here it is clear that this article was written by a cleric who also thinks Onecoin might be a scam only because it is not publicly traded. But Onecoin is not a short term project and public trading too soon is what tends to make quick profit or loss for people with decentralized cryptocurrencies. Anyone participating ICOs is in because of possible fast profit that will bring public trading and speculating bubbling. Onecoin does not want to go up/down too fast so that is why they are building user base and merchants first and will be traded to fiat later. But it is ok to warn people not to rush out into Onecoin with too much money and not to believe if anyone is promising them profit.

We go on, this one seems to be red, a prohibition as critiques say:
Here is an original link to the article.
By publication in the official gazette “Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung” of 12 July 2017, the FMA hereby informs, that

OneCoin Ltd.
is not entitled to carry out banking transactions in Austria that require a licence. The provider is therefore not permitted to conduct the issuance and administration of payment instruments such as credit cards, banker’s drafts and traveller’s cheques on a commercial basis, with no limitation applicable to the term of crediting in the case of credit cards (Article 1 para. 1 no. 6 BWG).
What? Onecoin is forbidden to issue credit cards, banker's drafts or traveler's cheques? Since when does Onecoin issue cards and cheques?
Onecoin does not sell anything, Onelife sells education packs. But this might be linked to Germany Bafin case so probably Austria will demand a financial license too. It is twisted to call this prohibition without a focus on demand for a license, not prohibition because something illegal is undergoing.

We go on to Belgium:
Here is an original link to that article
The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns the public that neither OneCoin nor the persons promoting OneCoin have been recognized or authorized by the FSMA. The FSMA once again warns the public of the risks associated with virtual currencies.
As all warnings, authority warns people that Onecoin is not regulated or recognized by the authority and to proceed with caution. (do not fall to promising of fast profit)
Hence the claims made public by Mr Laurent Louis’ on his Facebook page, namely, that the FSMA had stated that it “n’avait rien trouvé à redire sur le OneCoin” (unofficial English translation, “ that it had nothing to say about OneCoin”) and that “pour la FSMA, le OneCoin ne pose aucun problème et n’est nullement illégal ni une arnaque” (unofficial English translation, “for the FSMA, OneCoin does not pose any problems and is neither illegal nor a fraud”) are false and misleading. These claims suggest or imply that the operations in OneCoin are carried out under conditions laid down by the laws and regulations which the FSMA enforces, whereas in fact these laws and regulations do not apply to such operations.
Here they say that some person promoting Onecoin wrote on his Facebook page that Onecoin does everything according to FSMA regulations but that was misleading meaning FSMA does not have a law that applies to what Onecoin is doing. Later on they reminded people of the risk with digital currencies in common.

And also I need to add that Belgium FSMA made a warning about Bitcoin. Original article is here.
The NBB and the FSMA are monitoring developments concerning virtual currency units, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.
They warn against the risks of virtual money. They point out that virtual currencies are not legal tender and are not a form of electronic money. There is no financial supervision or oversight on virtual money. For that reason, and because these products are risky, they advise taking extra care with them.
This clearly shows that FSMA puts Onecoin in the same risk category as Bitcoin. Risky, be careful you might lose money. If you do, we do not give you any insurance.

We go on to Belize red text as prohibition although it is titled "Warning notice"
Here is an original article.
It has come to the notice of the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC) that an entity calling itself ‘One Life Network Limited’, an International Business Company registered in Belize, is conducting trading without first obtaining the required licence from the IFSC.
Since when does Onelife network conduct trading? They promote and sell a product, not trading. This article was issued 29 May 2017 but less than 24h later there is news about it on behindMLM blog that has made almost 180 articles about Onecoin. And they call people who defend Onecoin sheep.
After IFSC realized that Onelife does not do trading they amended and issued new warning on August 25 2017 but stil they issued warning for network marketing company that does not need mentioned licence. More about it on this topic.
UPDATE February 21. 2018 - Seems like Belize authorities realized their mistake and removed both warnings.

We move on to Bulgaria:
Here is an original article.
Currently, OneCoin or other virtual currencies are not recognized and are not considered financial instruments under the MFIA and the requirements of the MFIA are not applied to them.
Potential investors and consumers should note that investment in such crypto currencies which already exceed 400 different types is associated with a high risk
Although article title says Onecoin, it is clear that this is warning for all virtual currencies and they say there are more than 400 of them.This is also a clear warning for people that if they lose money here MFIA will not be their insurance. It is good that Bulgaria government recognizes Onecoin as digital currency like the others.

Go on to Colombia:
Link to this warning article does not work anymore, it is deleted. Also, no search terms are found for onecoin or onelife.
As we can see that warning was naturally to warn people not to rush they also said Onecoin was not recognized as multi level in Colombia.
This being deleted can mean that Onecoin had been clarified in Colombia. We can believe in that because of this article.
The firm, 100% legal in Ecuador and Colombia, makes clear that the accusations against One Life and One Coin are false, according to official statement.
Last week, in Publimetro Colombia, information was published with the headline: 'Two pyramids of Bitcoin that worked in Colombia fell'
Before that, Metro Ecuador received a statement in which a clarification is requested from the company One Life.
The firm, 100% legal in Ecuador and Colombia, clarifies that the accusations against One Life and One Coin are false. As mentioned in that statement, One Life is a company focused on the distribution of packages of financial education, with more than 200 employees and with a presence in Ecuador, Colombia and other countries.
Go on to Croatia:
Here is an original article.
Here is nothing new but copy/paste from other countries. We see that central bank of Croatia said that Onecoin is not recognized by the bank and warns people to be cautious cause if they lose money bank is not the insurance. They also have an article explaining the digitl currencies and mention Bitcoin, on this article.
Decentralised systems - no monitoring, control and support is provided from a single server. Such systems have been developed for, for example, "virtual" currencies, the most prominent of which is BitCoin Warning to virtual currency users.
But Croatia warning has a little bit of history behind it. Luckily Croatia is my neighbor brother country and I happened to know what was going on here.
Croatia has an association of women entrepreneurs and they organized a summit for Eastern Europe that was scheduled for 08.March 2017. We see that the warning was issued on 07.March 2017. so one day before this. Among many sponsors, the main sponsor was Onecoin since its founder is also woman entrepreneur from East Europe. Here is a link to that event. Since political situation in the Balkan countries is unstable, media ownership is divided and there is a slander to ruling and opposing parties. Since the president of Croatia allowed all this, naturally there was some tabloid trying to "expose the truth" about Onecoin and link it as bad for the president. Here is a link to that and it is written the next day after the event. Of course, they only translated Onecoin critiques opinions about Onecoin and said that was the truth.
The same day, the organizer replied to all this by this article.
Title wrote:And when there is no room for affair, some media will be happy to make it
Our law firm has fully reviewed cooperation agreements before any signing, and also states that it is a company whose cryptovalue has no coverage that appeared in the media.
At that time, OneCoin did not have any verdicts for all media inscriptions, as it is now, and most of the process that is being charged. They were rightly asked why we believe in allegations that were not before the tribunal or those who have been blamed for guilty have ever been legally declared guilty. For those who want to hold the rights and legal postulates, enough.
Well said. Serious people do not believe bloggers, tabloids, and slanders. But legal verdicts. This Croatia warning was just a political case. I wonder if that is the case in other countries too.

Go on to the Caribbean:
Here is an original article.
The Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS) warns consumers to be careful of
dealing with virtual currencies. CBCS cautions consumers on a series of risks deriving from
buying, holding or trading virtual currencies such as Bitcoins, One Coinor other digital value
units, also called cryptographic currencies
Again, just a simple warning for people that cryptocurrencies are risky. They first mention Bitcoin, then Onecoin. They recognized Onecoin as a cryptocurrency.

Go on to Finland:
Here is an original article
The Public Prosecutor's Office of Finland has examined the report by the National Bureau of Investigation pursuant to chapter 3, section 3 of the Pre-trial Act and found that an offense related to a crime can only reliably be assessed at the time of disclosure, which is likely to occur at the end of 2016
This is from late 2015. They basically write about the opening investigation. They understand the system but are unable see any illegal activity before the end of 2016 cause that was supposed to be the probable date that Onecoin goes public with the old blockchain. Since they realized that success is higher than they anticipated, new blockchain brought new concept and public trading will be in 2018 cause in order to be stable, more users and merchants need to join. According to the company. So this investigation is penging cause there is no proof of illegal doings.
The Central Bureau of Investigation calls for particular caution in the procurement of such services as they have difficult to predict economic and criminal risks. According to KRP's view, the promises of over-performance expectations are not realistic.
If the pertinent person suspects that he or she has been subjected to the offense, there is no obstacle for him to make an inquiry to the police.
Sure, no big profits need to be promised, and anyone that thinks is being scammed is free to call in. I am not aware that there were people calling in because then they would just prove to be greedy and stupid cause they believed someone who promised them fast big profit.

The case in Germany has nothing to do with Onecoin being banned as they state. Onecoin was recognized as a financial instrument and needs a financial license from the Bafin. You can read deeply about Germany case here.

Italy case is a torn for Onecoin indeed because that is the first case where really bad people worked totally against Onecoin company rules and were promoting investments and promising high profits from selling Onecoins. They were banned from conducting that pyramid like scheme but Onelife company being responsible for their independent associates got a PRECAUTIONARY suspension. Maybe they will clear it, maybe not. Up to the company. You can read deeply about Italy case here.

This was described very correctly in the critique web site:
“So um, as I say, we are speaking to the Indian authority, we have delivered the names of the people who have violated the firm policy. We have warned everybody in India not to do so and I have even stopped the registration process of India yesterday. Until all the Indian leaders have not done another training in compliance with the company standards I will not reopen the market.
Some bad leaders were promising high returns and even sold premade packages. They were scammers using Onecoin for its scam so they got arrested. You can read deeply here about India case.

Go on to Hungary:
Here is an original article
Once gain, our friends from onecoin critique department only separated text mentioning Onecoin where Bitcoin was mentioned first.
The National Bank of Hungary (NBH) again reminds those who wish to invest in the hope of a high yield that virtual payment instruments (also called cryptovalutas), which are popular on a world wide web, are not subject to supervision by any central bank or authority (the MNB does not authorize or register) So they can have extremely high risks.
In the case of Bitcoin and similar virtual devices that are available for payment, there is a lack of adequate liability, warranty and compensation rules, which would, for example, protect the interests of consumers in the event of abuse.
One more central bank warning its citizens to take care when investing in virtual currencies cause those are not regulated by a bank so if they lose money there is no insurance at the bank. We can see they also refer to Bitcoin
There are constructions similar to pyramid schemes (eg OneCoin)
If you read this post from the beginning, you might see that Austria described different models. One model being investing into hardware and software and mine digital currency, then to invest in coins, and third is multi level marketing. At least Austrians names it properly. This Hungarian cleric who wrote this article seems to be a person who sees MLM as a pyramid. I know that since I live 70 km from Hungaria and I am there a lot so I know that in Balcan and Hungaria many people associate MLM to a pyramid, not referring to illegal pyramid schemes, just that MLM structure looks as a pyramid to them (oh they did not bother to see how hierarchy structure looks in classic companies).
Onecoin critiques, of course, interpret this quoted sentence as they suit it like Hungarian bank declared Onecoin as a pyramid scheme. I hope I explained. But we can clearly see that Hungary recognized Onecoin as a cryptocurrency beside Bitcoin.

Go on to Lativa:
What is with Latvia :)
Here is the first original article.
The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) warns about the services of the Internet website www.onecoin.eu and www.esmubagats.lv/, which invites to invest and join the OneCoin scheme, which, according to the FCMC, is based on the principles of the financial pyramid.
The FCMC is monitored only by licensed market participants who have received a relevant license for the attraction of deposits or investments. Only with these depositors, the customer is protected by the state - both as a consumer and as a depositor.
Not sure if there are any good leaders in Latvia but someone needs to explain to FKTK that Onecoin can not be a pyramid cause it has legal documents that it is legal MLM, also it is not an investment. Maybe mentioned website www.esmubagats.lv was promoting Onecoin as an investment. It is not functioning anymore. It is clearly some IMA personal website promoting Onecoin. Maybe in a bad way. I can not say cause it is offline. Maybe the owner is kicked out of Onelife.

Then we go to another Latvian article here. But it is only about financial pyramids. Not related to Onecoin.
The financial pyramid may take various forms, it may be difficult to recognize it at the first moment, the pyramid can hide behind various forms of business, charity, etc., but usually financial pyramids have one main characteristic: customers are promised a disproportionate amount of profit in the short term, as well as usually Participants receive an additional bonus, bonuses for attracting new members.
Onecoin does not promise any profit from Onecoin, although we all hope there will be in the future, just like any ICO out there. The rest of money is earned via legit MLM compensation plan bonuses. There are like 500 MLM companies in the world.
Critiques seem to relate this article to Onecoin because of this cause they quoted that:
The fate of any financial pyramid fate is known in advance – it ceases to exist at the end of the cash flows, that is, no longer being able to attract new participants. Those participants who have joined the pyramid last will lose their money entirely.
So if Onecoin does not find any new buyers to their education pack, will it collapse? WIll Coca Cola collapse if no one wants to buy their junk soda? Probably ;)

Now the third and the fourth links are the same text from different websites and are referred to Onecoin. Original article is here and another is here.
The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) has repeatedly warned of its involvement in OneCoin's business plans, which, according to the FCMC, is based on the principles of the financial pyramid. Tenders are available on various websites (e.g., www.onecoin.eu) or on social sites, as well as on s
So FCMC is warning people about participating in Onecoin because it has no license in Latvia and is thus categorized as a financial pyramid.
We remind citizens that unlicensed merchants and other similar entities are not state-controlled and thus the interests of the citizens are not protected. An unlicensed commercial activity involving a call for investment or attracting deposits or other repayable funds is a criminal offense.
This is clear. Warning for people about involving with an unlicensed investment company. Except Onecoin is not an investment. But ok, maybe IMAs in Latvia promoted it like an investment. I don't know that. We see that even loud Latvia only warns people that they will not protect them if they lose money.

I need to add that Latvia also issued warning for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Here is that article.
The European Banking Authority (EBA) today issued a warning about the risks associated with the use of a virtual currency, such as Bitcoin , in various virtual currency transactions. EBA points out that consumer rights are currently not protected, as there are no specific rules for transactions made using the virtual currency as a means of payment, thus risking the loss of money.
Go on to Malta:
Here is the first original article.
The Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) has become aware of the website
https://www.onecoin.eu/en/ and a Facebook page entitled “OneCoin Malta” which are
promoting what appears to be a virtual currency by the name of “OneCoin”
The MFSA hereby informs the public that OneCoin is not a currency issued by any Central
Bank or by any other public authority.
The MFSA is concerned about the risks that OneCoin poses to consumers and therefore
strongly advises the public and consumers of financial services to exercise extreme caution
Looks familiar? People, please note that Onecoin is not issued by our central bank so be cautious if you lose money we will not protect you. But they issued the same warning for all the other virtual currencies so one more government that recognizes Onecoin as digital currency along with others. You can see original document here.
The MFSA hereby informs the public that a virtual currency (also known as cryptocurrency) such as Bitcoin is an unregulated digital instrument used as a form of money that is not issued or guaranteed by a Central Bank or by any other authority and is not equivalent to traditional
currencies. Unlike traditional money, acceptance of payment in virtual currency depends entirely on the voluntary consent of the recipient. Furthermore, providers of services in relation to virtual currencies are currently neither regulated by law nor authorized by the MFSA
We can see they warn about Bitcoin and other digital currencies as they were not issued and regulated by the MFSA.

We can see that they also issued warning for number of Bitcoin exchanges that are registered in Malta as they are not regulated by MFSA so people are warned that MFSA will not protect them if they lose their money or coins from those exchanges.

Netherlands: is mentioned but they only relayed Belgian warning that I described above.

Go on to Nigeria:
Here is an original article.
The attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission, (the Commission) has been drawn to radio advertisements and other modes of solicitations of the public to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Swisscoin, OneCoin, Bitcoin and such other virtual or digital currencies.
The public is hereby advised to exercise extreme caution with regard to digital (crypto currencies) as a vehicle of investments.
Standard warning to people for all cryptocurrencies as we saw in all countries. I am not sure if Onecoin critiques realize how the authorities are recognizing Onecoin as a digital or cryptocurrency beside of Bitcoin.

Go on to Pakistan:
Original link does not work. But according to critiques quote:
It has come to the notice of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) that some persons, companies or entities are offering investment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Swisscoin, OneCoin and such other virtual or digital currencies.
We can see one more country recognizing Onecoin as cryptocurrency along with Bitcoin and making people aware of the risks cause they will not be their insurance if they lose money.

Go on to Poland:
Here is an original link.
This is actually no warning. This is just a response to some Bitcoin community complain about Onecoin that made authorities to go and investigate.
The findings of the public prosecutor's office have shown that there have been no preparatory proceedings for this financial project to date. In addition, it was found that the subject matter was analyzed by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, however, that body did not have grounds for referring to the prosecutor's office for a reasoned suspicion of committing an offense
Polish authorities did not find any problems with Onecoin system to proceed to the prosecutor.
On the other hand, on Counteracting Unfair Market Practices, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, by decision of 16 May 2016, opened an investigation, in. To identify the entity or entities responsible for the organization of OneCoin and how it operates. This procedure is still pending.
So unfair market practices and competition department opened investigation probably about MLM part cause they deal with relations with end buyers and advertising. That one is pending. So no conviction. Just a process pending. It is more than a year old process.
In this article we can see Bitcoin community reporting Onecoin just because Onecoin is different from Bitcoin and therefore they give them selves right to decide that cryptocurrency needs to be like Bitcoin.
In connection with the influx of Bitcoin members and cryptanalysts in Poland, I would like to draw your attention to the work of the international organization focused on the OneCoin project. According to experts, because it is a centrally controlled system (ie it can be controlled by a relatively narrow group of people) and is not based on open source protocol and source code, a public, distributed database of b (b- blockchain) transactions, OneCoin is not Cryptowalut in the exact meaning of the word. At the same time, the project claims to identify cryptanalysts in order to confuse potential investors to build something that resembles a traditional financial pyramid, which is illegal in Poland.
Here we can see that Bitcoin members are reporting Onecoin as a scam just because it is closed source, centralized and not yet publicly traded.
There are also other similar projects and also they get reported and slandered. Here is a report about DasCoin too (I have no clue about it)

Go on to Sweden:
Here is an original link.
The Lottery Inspectorate believes that the concept of OneCoin is based on recruiting new participants to increase participants' profits. Our overall assessment of the business is that there is a reason to assume that OneCoin is a chain letter game or the like.
This was way back from January 2016. Sweden authorities said that they "believe" that Onecoin is an illegal scheme. They already closed its investigation in March 2017 and mysteriously reopened it soon after and it is being still since then. Once again, more than a year passed and they could not find anything wrong.

Go on to Thailand:
Here is proper link to a document.
Google translate:
Information about Onecoin and other electronic information units. At a similar style
As it is inviting people to invest in an electronic data unit called Onecoin, cited.
It is a digital currency that is popular all over the world.
The Bank of Thailand (BOT) would like to clarify as follows:
1. Onecoin is not money. The debt under Thai law. And currently no country.
To accept or certify that Onecoin is legal tender.
2. To hold or invest in electronic data units. The authorities have not guaranteed that.
One more country that issues warning to people that Onecoin and other digital currencies are not issued by the bank of Thailand so they do not guarantee protection if people lose it.

Go on to Uganda:
Here is an original article link.
Bank of Uganda (BoU) wishes to notify the general public that the entity “ONE COIN DIGITAL MONEY” is not licenced by the BoU under the Financial Institutions Act, 2004 and is therefore conducting business outside the regulatory purview of the BoU. The above entity’s website address is www.onecoin.eu and it has opened up an office on the Fourth Floor, Mukwano Courts, Buganda Road, Kampala. The company is still in its formative stages but it is aggressively encouraging members to buy digital money and promising very high returns and rewards on ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.
Onecoin does not have official offices in Uganda. Those are again some IMAs that were promising profit. I think Uganda is educated lately better.
But as usual, Onecoin critiques separating only the part of the text that suits them. This actually makes them haters, not critiques. We are all already aware that some of IMAs tend to promise profit, but most of the time I think that personal optimism of coin success is mixed with promising.
Bank of Uganda warns the general public that whoever wishes to invest their hard earned savings in Cryptocurrency forms such as One-coin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Peercoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin, Primecoin, Blackcoin or any other forms of Digital Currency is taking a risk in the financial space where there is neither investor protection nor regulatory purview
We see that Uganda authority is actually doing what most of them did. Warning people about any digital currency that bank will not be their insurance should they lose money and once again, Onecoin is recognized by a government aside of Bitcoin.

Go on to United Kingdom:
The Onecoin warning article is deleted from the FCA website. Search term for onecoin and onelife does not return any results.
FCA deleted their warning for Onecoin.
The only warning I could find was when I searched "Bitcoin". European warning on virtual currencies
Consumers have been warned of the possible risks from buying, trading or holding virtual currencies such as Bitcoins by a European financial regulator.

Someone actually sent out a question to FCA regarding removal of this article:

And He got a response from them stating that they no longer feel need to warn about Onecoin in special and they just moved Onecoin in the same bucket with Bitcoin and other virtual currencies and there is a common EU warning about all that so people should be aware that if they lose money with virtual currencies government will not be their insurance.

Go on to United States:
This is actually an act from CFTC where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were put under comodity exchange act.
This article is dated September 17. 2015. This has nothing to do with Onecoin but it is nice of critiques to put this at Onecoin warnings and prohibitions page because this way they acknowledge Onecoin as cryptocurrency.

Since cryptocurrency is put under commodity exchange act, Onecoin as a company issued a statement that they will look into it:
OneCoin examines the new developments with our legal team – if and what licenses will be needed for the company to operate and respect all rules and new regulations. We also strive to register with the SEC in the next time.
Therefore until all matters are clarified, we need to temporarily suspend new registrations from the USA. OneCoin trading will be also restricted for this time period. We also kindly ask all our affiliates to not market the concept during events and through other media.
So Onecoin company wanted to be in compliant with CFTC as a cryptocurrency and SEC for tokens during this ICO.
Despite its potential, we would like to reiterate the fact that our company is not planning to enter the US market and registrations from there are still not allowed.
Since it is known that nonUS bitcoin exchanges are not allowed to serve wallets to US customers and since SEC imposes too heavy costs for regulated tokens during ICO, seems like Onecoin company needed to let go of US market. Maybe it will be different when the company is listed on stock exchange and coin is publicly traded they can register a US based exchange for them selves too. Until then, the rest of the world is fine.

That is all that critiques could gather. Besides asking yourself, what kind of healthy critique does this kind of info gathering, we must understand that actually, they have very important role to play. Their miss info needs not to be shut down, it only needs to be responded in an objective matter.
That way, they will filter people so only open minded people join this. Leave speculators and fast profit lovers for the rest of ICOs.

UPDATE: August 10. 2017 - Mauritius:
As usual, behindMLMis the first to use this kind of news as his next click bait to earn even more money. Let's see what he says about this warning:
As usual, he focuses on Onecoin but the whole point is so twisted. Here is the original link of the warning.
The Bank wishes to inform the public that ‘OneCoin’ and other cryptocurrencies are not issued or
guaranteed by the Bank. Users of cryptocurrencies are exposed to risks. The public is advised
that exchange platforms for cryptocurrencies are unregulated.
The Bank will not accept any responsibility in case of any loss which members of the public may
incur on account of any dealing in unregulated cryptocurrencies.
It is just one more country in a line that is recognizing Onecoin as a cryptocurrency and it issued a warning for the public that if they lose money with a cryptocurrency the bank will not be their insurance.

As we can see, most of the warnings were served for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and putting Onecoin with them is a good thing which means governments acknowledge Onecoin as a digital currency just like Bitcoin (they don't care if Onecoin works differently, if it is centralized if it has no explorer, if it is still closed ). Those warnings are pure info to the people that digital currencies are not regulated by central bank so in case they lose any of the assets, the government will not be their insurance. Any healthy government will make such warning to distance them from stupid greedy people who sell their house cause they thought they will get rich fast.

Also, investigations were started mostly because of too aggressive overselling and promising from independent onelife members. Governments and Onecoin company forbid that too. NO investigation finished with any bad outcome for Onecoin as a company.

Some highly regulated countries ask Onecoin to obtain a financial license (Germany) and hopefully, they will grant it to them. It remains to see what will happen with Bitcoin license.

I hope I explained it well. Thanks for your time.

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Re: WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by Igorkrnic » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:00 pm

UPDATE: August 10. 2017 - Mauritius:
As usual, behindMLMis the first to use this kind of news as his next click bait to earn even more money. Let's see what he says about this warning:
As usual, he focuses on Onecoin but the whole point is so twisted. Here is the original link of the warning.
The Bank wishes to inform the public that ‘OneCoin’ and other cryptocurrencies are not issued or
guaranteed by the Bank. Users of cryptocurrencies are exposed to risks. The public is advised
that exchange platforms for cryptocurrencies are unregulated.
The Bank will not accept any responsibility in case of any loss which members of the public may
incur on account of any dealing in unregulated cryptocurrencies.
It is just one more country in a line that is recognizing Onecoin as a cryptocurrency and it issued a warning for the public that if they lose money with a cryptocurrency the bank will not be their insurance.

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Re: WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by Igorkrnic » Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:39 am

UPDATE: September 01. 2017 - Luxemburg:

This post will address to the warning that Luxemburg financial regulatory body issued on August 23. 2017.
Original document can be seen here.

It is only one sentence:
The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) warns the public that the entity named Onecoin Ltd.,
also present on social media under the name Onecoin Luxembourg, is not supervised by the CSSF.
Just like most of other warnings, this one also shows healthy government who warns its people that international business undergoing in their country is not regulated by the government and if people lose money authority can not be their insurance.

They also probably refer to Onecoin Luxemburg IMA facebook group that promotes Onecoin, but that is against the rules of the company cause no one can use Onecoin for advertising business cause Onecoin is a cryptocurrency in ICO stage and no one is selling Onecoin.

But more important is that this is one more country that is aware of Onecoin.

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Re: WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by Igorkrnic » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:07 am

UPDATE: November 27. 2017 - Portugal:

This post will address to the document issued by Bank of Portugal issued on November 27. 2017.
Original document can be seen here.
Banco de Portugal warns that OneLife Network Limited (Belize), OneCoin Limited (Dubai) and One Network Services Ltd (Bulgaria), acting in their own name or through third parties, under the trading name “Onecoin” and “Onelife”, are not on this date and never were authorized – in Portuguese territory – to accept deposits or other repayable funds (nor to carry on any other financial activity subject to the supervision of Banco de Portugal).
Yet again we have "known" blogs reporting as Onecoin is illegal in some country yet their articles are nothing but a lie and an insult for people who bother to read it.
If we read what is said we can understand something different. This is simple document stating that Onecoin / Onelife is not authorized to conduct any financial services that are subjected to the supervision of Bank of Portugal. It is the "call" for the company to obtain a license before public trading of the coin. It is the same as in Germany and Austria.
They will need a financial license to do that and this is why there is a plan to open one global exchange and many smaller who will have licenses in certain countries to serve people from those countries. But this is for future.
In past and present, they were selling education products via global mlm company and that is hardly illegal or subjected to the supervision of the bank.
The acceptance of deposits or other repayable funds as envisaged in Article 4 (1) (a) of the Legal Framework of Credit Institutions and Financial Companies (approved by Decree-Law No 298/92 of 31 December 1992), may only be performed by authorised undertakings, as laid down in Article 10 of the Legal Framework, whose [url+https://www.bportugal.pt/en/entidades-autorizadas]list is available for consultation on Banco de Portugal’s website[/url]
Here we can clearly see that Onecoin will need to obtain a license before public trading and they even put the link where we can see the list of authorized financial companies. Those are all companies offering some kind of financial services and Onecoin is not yet at that stage cause ONE is given for free now. When public trading starts, they will need to comply with this law in Portugal.

But more important is that this is one more country that is aware of Onecoin.

Here we can see that they had many such articles for various companies.
https://www.bportugal.pt/en/search/node ... authorised

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Re: WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by Igorkrnic » Tue May 01, 2018 1:23 pm

UPDATE: May 01. 2018 - Samoa:

After some hater stated that Samoa banned onecoin/onelife, I asked him for some official document but did not receive it, the universe gave me a clue in form of one IMA sending me the link for Samoa Central Bank warning and I would like to analyze it here.

The original link is here:
https://www.cbs.gov.ws/index.php/media/ ... currency-/

Let's analyze what they wrote:
In whom do we trust? Do you trust the money (legal tender or paper money and coins) issued by the Central Bank of Samoa (“CBS”)? Or do you trust cryptocurrency investments such as OneCoin or Bitcoin (not legal tender) using middlemen and agents promoting it, which is not regulated by law? CBS has therefore issued a warning over the rising number of cryptocurrency promotions taking place here in Samoa.
Unlike haters who have zero knowledge about crypto world but are paid to bash onecoin, people who are actually involved in crypto world are very aware about the war central banks run against cryptocurrencies.
If you read this paragraph you can clearly see them put Onecoin and Bitcoin in the same sentence and they want to steer people's trust away from cryptocurrencies. We've seen in this whole topic that every central bank warning is more or less to scare people away from cryptocurrencies.

It has come to our attention that there are promotions such as Onecoin cryptocurrency that are currently being promoted in Samoa. How it works is that people are encouraged to sign up an account and purchase a package of tokens, these tokens can then be used to invest in a cryptocurrency, as the value of the cryptocurrency goes up, so too will your proposed reward. In essence, you invest in the cryptocurrency and are guaranteed a substantial return on the rewards in a certain period of time.
It has come to THEIR attention? How? Maybe like this:
This message was sent to organizers of upcoming cryptocurrency conference cryptokonf.com

Read the last underlined sentence of warning paragraph. It is totally not true, onecoin does not guarantee any profits. We do know many scammy onelife leaders who were chased away made profits, but I personally doubt Samoa leaders made those guarantees. Whit warning was written without facts IMO thus has literally no weight than to be used presently as a straw for onecoin haters.

CBS has also confirmed from multiple credible media sources that the founder and main Onecoin headquarters in Bulgaria has been raided by Bulgarian Police as part of a ‘centralised cryptocurrency pyramid scheme’.
Credible media reports :) I shall say no more :)
Several crypto currency promoters have contacted CBS seeking endorsement for their business and product; however they were not able to satisfy the government’s requirement of providing the relevant information for due diligence purposes (where the Central bank thoroughly scrutinizes a company and its products, if we do not have all the information to make an informed decision. As a result, CBS, on behalf of Government, has refused to endorse such ventures
Here we can see apparently some IMAs in Samoa asked central bank to endorse Onelife and Onecoin. CB tried to get more data about the company but it is known that in order to do that, they need to contact the company directly, no such sensitive data can be obtained from IMAs. IMO that was stupid move by IMAs but nothing new. Company will need to go public first and then government deals can start happening. Not now.

For the end, they put two links:
Miror: Alleged pyramid scheme OneCoin faces collapse as police move in
To be honest, there is no collapse, although all this media hype did scare many people and chased real ponzi people away to real ponzi schemes. New momentum is on the rise worldwide, income shows that.

And also they CONVENIENTLY put that crap BBC Panorama video that is uploaded on CryptoXpose youtube channel :lol:
BBC Panorama Investigates The OneCoin/OneLife Scheme

What to say about this warning that hasn't be already said. Even birds know this is just a anti-onecoin war product and it will hardly ever stop ;)

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Re: WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by Trueadvocate » Wed May 02, 2018 4:12 pm


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Re: WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by flatrate » Wed May 02, 2018 11:12 pm

our friend eagle clown is a diluted old goat with zero credibility or even any REAL INFO. pretty sad to see him still posting here i guess the lost soul doesn't have much else to do.

the current scam coins, markets and exchanges NEED ONE TO FAIL to continue there scam. ONE is the solution to this crypto disease IMO. :D :D

oct 8th is gettin closer..

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Re: WARNINGS Explained and Debunked

Post by Trueadvocate » Thu May 03, 2018 4:51 pm

And TT aka Timothy Curry are doing all he can to stir doubts in the OneCoin community! Normally
I would shut & the f... up. I am just sick of his constant BS in FaceBook and so forth.

However his comments really got on my nerve! Obviously he is banned here Or rather the people
in this group's iQ are pretty high fo him to counter successfullly

So on FB, TC acts as if he does all the research and that none of us here has the Brains or intelligence
to make our judgements. John Reiner's research of him give me indications that this Timothy Boy
is not doing for charitable purposes that he wants everyone ones to believe. Rather with this time-
consuming obsessions, he must somehow be funded by a Bigger Criminal Organisations!

- I keenly wait Judgement Day on him once OneLIfe is fullly vindicated because he has done so much damage!

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