Why we made this forum? READ THIS FIRST!

Here everyone can state their opinions on Onecoin/Onelife ecosystem. You are free to critique flaws or praise the good sides of the vision. Any hatred will be removed.
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Why we made this forum? READ THIS FIRST!

Post by Igorkrnic » Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:33 pm

Hello everybody,

First of all, I want to make a disclaimer that I made this forum to make a neutral ground for people that believe and those that do not believe in this mysterious project called Onecoin. I am not a promoter, I do not sell packages, I am not Onelife IMA but I do have Onecoins that I got with my education packs so I kinda did that because I currently trust in the company good intentions to carry out the great vision.
I do not recommend and give advice to people reading this forum to engage and be part of this project. My role on this forum is to give my personal opinion on most of the topics against Onecoin based on my perception. Just like anyone can do the same, express their opinion and back it up with some facts/proofs.
I did go to Sofia to meet management as a user just to make sure there is someone there and to ask questions, so I kinda trust them.
I can be wrong, of course, so please do not take my opinion here as advice.

Ever since the beginning of the project of making centralized private cryptocurrency, Onecoin has attracted very large opposition.
Since late 2014 Onecoin was slandered as "yet another scam" made by people experienced in scams.

Many videos, blogs, comments, interviews stated Onecoin will collapse 6 months in its existence. It has been almost 3 years now and Onecoin is all but collapsed. We see the finish line of this baby stage - going public and that will actually be the real start of Onecoin.
All up to now is just boiling user base, prepare usability and strengthening the brand until they reach the tipping point.

So who actually opposes Onecoin so hard? I am personally following Onecoin since Feb 2016.
I question everything, I am a perfectionist and I learn fast if something interests me. I must admit I was poisoned by blogs. Why?
Well, they were kinda full of arguments that I, a new person, found a somewhat reasonable cause I did not hear the other side yet.
When i tried to get answers for those accusations from people who introduced me to Onecoin info, I could not get any valid response.
All they could say is that all those are lies and they do not waste energy with negativity but rather use it to find new members believers.
I don't think they should do it like that, they need to get educated on negativity too because many people will not join if you do not answer their questions. On the other hand, those people do not deserve to be part of this early creation. But they will for sure be ready as users when they realize success. (of course, success is not guaranteed, it needs to be worked off)

Luckily for me, I am tech guy my self, I like network marketing although I never actually worked my structure since I am an entrepreneur and I have good income. I decided to join with education pack that I felt suited at the time and that I could afford to lose if this project fails.
I discarded bloggers cause I know blogging is all about writing about popular subjects to earn money from ADs. Since we live in a sick world, it is known that people are easily attracted in controversy and negativity so bloggers use Onecoin as popular name to label all sorts of spins, twists, lies to its name and make it dirty.

As I investigated, read and questioned EVERYTHING, both onecoin and anti-onecoin info, I came to some conclusions over the past 1+ year:

1) The first group of Onecoin critics are actually bitcoin people who believe Onecoin was projected as a scam from the beginning and they wanted to defend cryptocurrency from this, as they thought "possible usurper of cryptocurrency industry". They give themselves right to decide that cryptocurrency can only be anonymous and decentralized and since Onecoin was the opposite, they did not understand it and they thought it was a scam.

2) Since cryptocurrency is not backed up by gold, but by people who use it, Onecoin realized that the best crowd sale is MLM (multilevel marketing) so they came up with compensation plan and started producing leaders.
This is the reason why the second group of anti-onecoiners are ANTI-MLM blogs.
Those blogs fundamentally serve a good purpose. They try to expose pyramid scams that are popping all over the world especially within internet businesses. They compensate their time by earning money from visits and clicks. After reading several anti-mlm websites I would separate one: behindmlm.com as the most populated and alive. I read many of his news there. What I could see is that he is focusing only on bad events that each MLM has and it is around 5-10% of what is going on depending on the company. There are no good events for any mlm business there. When you focus only on negative stuff you get consumed by negative energy and you start developing a paranoid mentality where your judgment is clouded. I do not expect bloggers to understand this. Point is that they focus on negative info, and unfortunately in this sick world negativity attracts more people. So antimlm bloggers get "better"/worse over time cause negativity brings them more money. Of course, they started making lies but they convince themselves those are true so it helps them better in debating. But deep inside they know what they are doing is illegal so they are very anonymous.
It is up to people if they will believe people who hide their identity or real persons that are presenting the business to them.
So Onecoin is no exception here, in fact, being so popular and with incredible momentum for a short time, Onecoin became the no1 victim of those guys.

3) Third group of onecoin critics are news and blogs tied to bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Those blogs also earn money from visits and clicks and they tend to put Anti-Onecoin news from time to time, not too pushy like antiMLM blogs or dedicated anti-onecoin disgusting templates but they seem to report all negative events attached to Onelife and those are actually not really important for Onecoin development.

4) Forth group of onecoin critics are individual people who actually believe into all anti onecoin info. They tend to waste their time surfing on every facebook, video or blog positive news and try to post there anti-onecoin propaganda. For a long time they did not have resistance so they became more confident in their twisted belief because they thought "if no one can argue with what I am convinced in then it must be true". When they start getting arguments it becomes clear that they are blinded by belief in anti-onecoin info spread around and we end up talking about OPINIONS, not facts. Those anti onecoin info was not released by amateur people, rather by slander professionals so it is easy to catch certain persons and make them your useful idiot. They go around and waste their life-fighting cause that is not their own, they have nothing to gain, but they are being useful for those who fabricated everything. Over the course of almost three years, onecoin critics from this group were exchanged. First movers realized that the company is not collapsing, they saw their resistance is futile, and they stop appearing, return to their life, but new ones are born.

5) Which leads us to group number five. Here are self-centered people who are not actually talking about onecoin, they are talking about themselves but they do not realize that. In fact, not many people can see it. I, being pretty close to people psychology had enough time to detect few people that stood the test of time as onecoin did not collapse, they remained here bashing new arguments and being more and more self-centered. The point of their comments are that it is not actually about Onecoin, it is about them knowing everything about Onecoin, or at least they think they know. Truth is they "do not know that they do not know" and that makes them very dangerous persons for others. They seem to enjoy dragging in other people as they call them "victims" so they can educate them and feed with authority. They advertise as their goal is to "save people from not losing money in onecoin" yet they tend to gather only people that are already involved in onecoin and they lecture them about how all is scam and all leaders are experienced scammers (and yet none went to jail). So their actions actually prove that they do not care about people losing money, that is just storefront, they are self-centered and are in love with authority they make so they gather scared people that are already involved in onecoin.
If they care about people losing money, they would start opposing all those promises from mainstream media that bitcoin will go to 1 million and are lured to buy expensive inflated bitcoins that are then deflated and somebody always loses money. They do not mention other similar systems like Onecoin because they are nowhere near successful and there is nothing really to talk about them. I will not mention any names here.

6)The sixth group. Those are actually people that feed all previous groups. Those are former Onelife IMAs that somehow got conned by bad Onelife uplines. Every MLM has a problem of bad distributors that do not know what they are selling, that care only about money so they will not stop at anything just to take money from people. In Onelife, those are promises of high returns from onecoin in 2018. Many distributors are not that stupid and when they start to realize that, they start complaining and asking questions and then they get cut off by their uplines. Some of them quit, but some of them join anti-onecoin "victim task force". Some of them are also bad persons that then feed anti-onecoiners lies that those believe in and spread as fake news.

7)Final, the seventh group is the biggest enemy of Onecoin vision success. It is Onelife network itself. Most leaders do not work as they should. It is a thin line between working the illegal pyramid and ponzi and legit MLM. Onecoin business model is not a pyramid or ponzi by Terms and Agreement but the company is doing a too poor job on monitoring worldwide MLM leaders cause they grew too big too fast so many leaders Onelife IMAs around the world are making the wrong presentation of the business, they are aggressively promoting ONE coin that is not public yet, its internal price, profit from the coin etc. Company does not let IMAs promote and sell that, at least not the way most leaders do. As a resoult we have most authorities raising eyebrows and we can expect many investigations in most countries. We will see how all that will end. But it is not good.

So, seems like there is a mix of all of those people, they are heavily debunked already but there is no debate on one host so I decided to put all that here so people can read all in one place.

Reason for this is that many blogs that are writing bad about onecoin do not publish long and with arguments comments.

Anyone can register here and post a question, note that all posts will wait for my approval to avoid spam but we will not hide anything with solid arguments contrary to their story. Personal opinions and bad words might get disapproved.

NOTE: Please note that I am not an employee of Onecoin company nor I am Onelife IMA. I do not sell anything nor want to promote anything. I am simply a member who bought education packs and got coins because I like the concept of transparent kyc/aml crypto. Just like I am a member (investor) of some other decentralized projects.


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Re: Why we made this forum? What can people learn here?

Post by Dusan Torbica » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:06 pm

Thanks a lot Igor Krnic for all the efforts.
Everybody can learn a lot if follow the debate and also to build the confidence as it is very important.
We can see many anonymous people who write so much fake publications and finally we have someone who is highly educated ( also with real name )in the world of cryptocurrency and who can and want to answer publicly on practically all questions when it comes to accusations and such.
Keep doing great job and millions of people will be so grateful to you. ;)


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