Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Here we will post all original accusations and arguments people who hate onecoin wrote all over blogs and comments. We will deeply analyze, dissect and answer everything with objective arguments. People will be left to decide which arguments are more logical and true to them
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Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by Igorkrnic » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:17 pm

I got a threatening email today, I suppose from banned username Harry from this forum. I would like to make an official response here.
Picture of email:


My response:
Harry wrote:Hello Igor,
you wrote:
"English - Onecoin / Onelife Debate
Here we will post all original accusations and arguments people who hate onecoin wrote all over blogs and comments. We will deeply analyze, dissect and answer everything with objective arguments. People will be left to decide which arguments are more logical and true to them."
Harry wrote:I suggest the following change:
1. Here we will post all original accusations and arguments people who love the onecoin SCAM wrote all over blogs and comments.
How can anyone love scam? Scam is something when authorities say so. Until then, it is only opinion of people, spiced with a bit of paranoia from convicted past scams.
Harry wrote:2. Facts are absolutely undesirable!
Lie. All "facts" from antionecoin people are written here, not deleted, and left for people to read. The problem for you people, is that I do not allow bad mouth here and saying onecoin is a scam just cause you think so, not until there is a final decision from germany. That is neither censorship or hiding anything. We have all the facts here written. But what are your facts? There is no blockchain? Onecoin is laundering money via shell bogus companies? So far we saw no proofs of that, those are your opinions but let's talk about that when there are proofs and when the investigation is finished. If that proves to be the truth, I will join you and admit I was wrong here on forum. I said that long time ago. But until then, stfu about that.
Harry wrote:3. Any form of criticism is also undesirable!
4. Who writes more than three critical comments, will be immediately locked for life.
Lie too. I used to call some people critiques here but I stopped cause some of you proven to be trolls who have a need to constantly troll about something, ending having more troll posts than constructive criticism that pollute every thread. Good criticism was appreciated, written down and sent to the company so they can fix.
Harry wrote:5. What is true and what is untrue, I alone determine! In this forum I am the god and idiots like "flatrate" and "detroyer" and a few others are my brainless angels.
I am no judge, I write my opinions here, just like you guys, but I am admin on this forum and I have the right to clear trolls.
I think you people are too frustrated cause I think opposite from you and you do not realize that I base my opinion by researching directly company and people there who are supposed to deliver all those platforms for Onecoin, I do not just sit, read other people's opinions and make my own based on that.

Harry wrote:6. This forum may be lied to and badly offended. The best liars receive a certificate with gold rim, a medal of sheet metal and 100,000 worthless coins from Konsti Keks, because Dr. Ruja is currently guarding her oil and gas field on Madagascar. (*)

7. These rules are valid as long as Dr. Ruja paid a lot for my ride on a dead horse.

8. Amen to that!

(*) Sources: and ... madagascar
Now you see why you are banned. You are not a healthy person, and you wrote some good posts, and you were banned when you became a troll, just like this what you wrote here.
Harry wrote:Igor, nobody can suppress the truth about the OneCoin scam! There is just a new forum in which all the evidence will be published
I agree that no one can hide the truth. That is when you go there to see if there is any truth. I also agree many people think this all is scam and this is what made investigators make a peek into it and I hope they will bring this ultimate OFFICIAL truth to the public ASAP.
I don't see what evidence can you publish on another forum that was not allowed here. You guys posted all sort of crap here. Are evidence blogs and article from anonymous people? Give me a break, please. This forum was made to analyze such blogs and I did not even want to waste time for all of them.

Harry wrote:Your forum will be copied and saved several times a day. Your personal information is known and will be published. I work with the prosecutors in Bielefeld and Dortmund. I hope that one day you too will be arrested and sentenced. I will do everything to make it happen.
No need to save forum cause this one will not be deleted. I do not have anything to hide nor I am doing anything illegal here. Do you see me sell anything or endorse? In fact I invited both sides of OPINIONS to come here and write it so we can talk about it and that purpose was served. Now,
objective people can read both sides, I did not delete anything. Let the people decide if it is too risky to get involved.

The fact you threaten me with law shows the classic harassment Tim Curry uses to scare people and he hooked many to even help his agenda by this. I wonder if you are so sure in your belief that you do not think about what will happen if Germany prosecutors prove you people wrong?
At least I am a bit reserved here and say that ultimate truth will come from authorities. And of course so far what I've seen my personal opinion is that you guys are wrong. At least about Onecoin. I do support fight against Onelife IMAs that work unethically but that is a different topic and you guys mix it with Onecoin too much.

Also, an investigative report in Bulgaria says all accusations came from anonymous people, so German authorities do not know who is making text against onecoin so when you say "you work with prosecutors", the same as Bjorn and Tim say, that can only be sending them rant emails or letters.
Or you say they LIE? If they lie the how credible is their investigation? So I think you lie dude.

Harry wrote:The criminal and convicted cleptoqueen Ruja Ignatova is being chased for life - or murdered by people she has lied to and cheated on. I also hope that Sebastian Greenwood, Juha Parhiala, Igor Alberts, Kari Wahlroos, Frank Ricketts, Manon Hübenthal, Udo Carsten Deppisch, the Steinkeller brothers, Jose Gordo, Staffan Liback, Muhammad Zafar, Konstantin Ignatov, Veska Ignatov, Plamen Ignatov, Tom McMurrain, Ken Labine, Chris Principe and many others will be killed or locked up in prison for lifetime!
Here we can clearly see the type of "people" you are. Mentioned people (not that I nearly support most of them, in contrary) would be scammers if they endorsed onecoin if it was convicted fraud company. But there is no warrants and arrests up until now so stfu.
Harry wrote:You have few friends, but many enemies. Serbia is not a safe haven for you, Europol will find you, even if you hide somewhere or crawl away. You are not human to me, no, you are human scum - criminal and with a lousy character.
Good one, here is the definite proof what criminals are doing against onecoin. If I, who do not even sell anything, the guy with opinion can get this kind of threats, imagine what kind of threats got those IMA that fled (ok many of them fled because they were scammers), imagine what Pierre Arens and dr Ruja got? I know for a fact how hard is to work in Sofia offices because of this kind of threats (or worse).
You say "I am not human to you", but you should ask your self: Are you a human?

Harry wrote:But the internet does not forget anything! Your name and support for the OneCoin scam will be readable for years to come. Your reputation is burned, people will spit out in front of you or beat your fist in your stupid face!

See you again in front of the judge!

Best Regards

Harry (from Germany)
You see, I don't give a shit about my internet reputation and about opinions from people who do not know me. Cause those who know me know very well how I feel about Onecoin and that that is just small part of my life, a small percentage of my time.
I only write here on forum about you trolls and your opinions, I did give you a chance to write constructively here, but trolls are trolls.
Maybe you should look up to Eagleone, he is too subjected to Tim's crap but at least he is not a troll so he was not banned.
90% of my time I devote to other cryptos. Sure, some of ICOs I invested in will prove to be scams I am sure, but that is a risk with this business. And you guys give your self a right to be a judge and a jury just because of your personal opinions.

Call me a scammer when you see me endorse Onecoin AFTER prosecutors deem it a fraud. Until then, STFU

Harry wrote:PS: Of course, the German public prosecutor's offices also check the bogus companies of the convicted Bulgarian gypsy woman:
Of course, lawyers know what you guys wrote and that will be checked and the ultimate truth will come out.

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by flatrate » Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:15 pm

IGOR, probably just another bitcon nut who mortgaged his house to buy the real life scam at 18000 per coin. when the price of that fraud starts cascading LOWER these types really get jumpy


what is extremely sad is that these diluted fools actually think bitcon is some sort of currency like the dollar or euro....hahahha :lol: :lol:

hopefully some severe restrictions are coming TO squash that scam like a bug that it is..shite, the only company i see that is at least trying to be compliant with governments is ONE..

fk this turd and all crap of his/her ilk..

OH, btw, harry the hot air balloon head, we don't give a flying fork any more.. we have listening to your garbage long enough..

anyone arrested ?

any charges ?

any court dates ?

has ONE lawyers legally defended accusations and charges in a court of law ?

fk off then...

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by Trueadvocate » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:28 pm

Piss off Harry .....

- You are so full of shit! Yes are you human? It's totally obvious you are not!!! You are one of the Biggest Monster out there ...

- What is this Bullshit of people languishing in Prison the rest of their life or being killed! I mean seriously are you even normal???
This is a written threat & you are evidentially liable for what's being written. And with the advent of internet Police
out there you will be discovered. Ruja being .....just for promoting educational packages with the tokens. She taking all the money.
Do you know how lucrative is the Compensation Plan & the amount of money paid to Top eaners in the OneLife company? Dr Ruja
was already very wealthy before OneLIfe is established!

- Just rubbish comments from the Scammers like you & with the way things are going, I am absolutely sure you will be eventually
convicted for death threat & spent many years in Jail; When OneCoin members become united by the end of the year many will be Rich or Wealthy!
With our resources, We will hunt down all the Scammers & make their lives miserable for the rest of their lives unless they stop right now!

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by detroyer » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:41 pm

Wawww.... this troll of harry is really a wounded beast, this forum gave him a lot of trouble, he dares to threaten our friend Igor, I tell him and I'm sure that he misses no comments in this forum. listen well troll harry, your poison has no effect, things became more clear thanks to this forum and Igor is not alone, we are all with him and with justice, I promise you one thing once the Prosecutor will give the results of the investigation he ordered following your lies and if has it turned out that you gave false informations, is going to put you in jail, you and your guru Tim, If this isn't the case , be sure Ruja, Konstantin, brings, Sebastian and we, will do it and we will pay our lawyers with the ONES.

Now we wait, what that will say the Finance Ministers of the G20 who are gathered at Buenos aires on the regulation of the cryptorrencies.

for Igor I am not anonymous, he knows my identity and I thank him for all the help he gives us addressed to the company, I offer him my full support and I hope that he will be the locomotive of our union of the members of this forum to sue you in European legal proceeding.

you did too much harm to OC and it's time to pay for your lies.

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by Curry Hater » Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:31 am

Well, Harry, if you’re working with the prosecutors, what are you worrying about ?
You must have compelling evidences that will immediately convince them that OC is a scam, so no worries. Mwah ah ah !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually, you don’t have a single evidence and you’re shitting in your pants, aren’t you ? You are realizing your propaganda is cracking down and it’s going to get back right into your silly face. That’s why you are so agressive.

And why do you want so much to write your lies on this forum ? You love this forum ? You have BehindMLM to spread your lies. The other liars over there will clap after each of your sentence, it’s turning to ridiculous. I’ve been banned from BehindMLM by the way. Sounds like they also don’t like criticism.

Watch the boomerang, Harry.

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by Igorkrnic » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:29 am

I got an email from Tim cause he cannot respond here and he feels attacked and misunderstood :)

I will quote his paragraphs and give my opinion to it, cause at the end, it is just his opinion too:

Tim Tayshun wrote:I do not condone dumb shit Harry's comments to you, but if you are going to
have some asshole worth the pseudonym "Curry Hater" actually THREATEN ME IN
WRITING on your so-called "debate forum," that's just fucked up ...and
probably illegal to the extent that your MODERATION is allowing this to
I personally don't see "curry hater" username as inappropriate, it is only clear guy does not like you, but you also call dr Ruja cleptoqueen and all sorts of words so you had it coming, now you need to endure it.
However, no one notices that, but I do edit posts who have bad words, but sometimes I edit after some people read it. And I do urge people not to use bad words here whatsoever but this is not full-time job, just writing of opinions so I can not be responsible to track every insult.
Also, you guys chosen to attack people who support onecoin idea so you also need to endure an attack on you. You are grown men after all, not children.

Tim Tayshun wrote:That fucking asshole says that I haven't proven a fucking thing (and I'm
sure you probably agree), but for Ann entire YEAR I offered 0.25BTC to
anyone who could disprove ANYTHING in the FIFTEEN PAGE investigative
interview I published after CoinRush London, 2016, which EVEN YOU should be
able to admit that Ruja moving from 2.1B to 120B hyperinflation while only
(and magically) "doubling" everyone's coins (with no affect on prove) was
clearly 1.) hyperinflation 2.) massive dilution 3.) and was the first
economic anomaly of its kind i. That SUPPLY increased 57x with zero effect
on price.
See, you complain about bad words yet you practice them yourself. You gotta give example dude. On to the point.
You need to understand something but I don't think you are capable to understand it cause seems like you do not follow the rest of the projects cause onecoin consumes your whole time. There is something called "live launch of mainnet" and that can be done ONLY ONCE. So you need to time it when you are ready. Until then, you can do all sorts of things during alphanet or similar. And your token that you sold to people during initial offering can be put to some value as a presale future. There are many examples of such projects but I can name big ones EOS and Tezos. They sold tokens that are not even their cause they did not even have a product. And they will launch it some day. Tezos even delayed 2 times their launch and of course, they earned haters, especially crap paid shill website but they will launch and IMO crush everything but let's leave it to be seen. Tezos can also double the number of tokens sold during the presale and that would not at all current "pre-sale" token price on the hitbtc exchange. But they will not do it, cause no one does it so maybe you guys are in disbelieve when Ruja is generous. Of course, it would influence FUTURE price after they launch cause they would have a higher circulating supply.

Now, put it into your head once and for all. Onecoin is not LIVE project. And Onecoin does not deliver opensource software that geeks will play with. They are making the whole ecosystem that will be government friendly. Blockchain in Onecoin is actually the least important IMO, it will only store transactions done by people or on dealshaker or whatever future platforms will exist. There is the whole ecosystem above the blockchain. If you would a bit follow the rest of incomming projects, most of them have majority of content served offchain on central servers and only finished transactions onchain.
Sure some people say they do not need to have a blockchain cause the system works without it failing to realize how they jump into their stomach saying that, first they say there is no blockchain, then they say "they need no blockchain". Well, they do need it, and if I need to explain to you why then you missed your profession really.

Now, as for doubling coins and changing a cap. IMO you are wrong about that. First of all, what I am about to say does not matter now cause internal price has a math that does not care about circulating or max supply. It only cares tokens that come in and transactions on dealshaker.
You need to learn that just if you have a huge cap in the blockchain does not necessarily mean it will influence the market cause some coins can be locked away from the market (see ripple) and not influence the market so your 57x increas in cap does not mean a shit for a project that is NOT LIVE, cause coin price is not determined by public supply and demand. I am not sure if you are just ignorant to realize that or you intentionally scare people. The fact people doubled coins might influence the FUTURE price after it goes public but then you need to realize that every merchant accepts this price even now (besides many merchants who overprice their deals, that is being dealt with) but also they will have tools to maintain this price on the exchange, so I really see no point in bashing this argument cause you are stating you know the future but you are limited only on how current market works and fail to understand that Onecoin wants to fix those pumps and dumps so they are doing their own thing. And you call yourself an onecoin expert :)

Tim Tayshun wrote:Furthermore, Ruja said that could NEVER happen again, but the so-called
"Super-Split" was invented after that and had a greater net-negative effect
on veteran ONE holders who only had *regular splits (token doubling)
previously compared to newbies who got special treatment of Super Splits
(token quadrupling).
And she did honor it, it never again happened that ALL USERS got double coins. Supersplits were only calculated on new accounts. Not old one so it is totally different subject.
Tim Tayshun wrote:Obviously, we're going to disagree until Onecoin either collapses and Ruja
& crew are imprisoned, or Onecoin becomes a smashing success on October
8th, when investors will supposedly line up to buy coins from a company who
retains 50% ownership of the supply and could themselves dump €3 Trillion
in the market.
Ok here we can see your delusion. First of all, if Onecoin did not collapse until now, it never will. Let me explain why:
1) You guys made sure they can not use their own bank accounts to collect money from sold education so they can be liquid with withdrawals. They needed to short it by IMA collecting money and this only made withdrawal problems and money being lost. But here they are so close on using their bank accounts again without you guys being able to influence account closures any more.
2) you scared so many people, good and bad IMAs. Cudos for bad, but many good people left cause they lost confidence in the system, but IMO that is because they liked more to work with public projects than to hope that future project will succeed. But this only strengthens Onelife making it full of ethical people who are now also educating about the rest of cryptos so they can better understand how onecoin is different. So I don't see collapse, in contrary
3) I can not say everybody, but, everyone I know and most of the leaders teach people that they will not be able just to sell all coins after October 08. The plan is for merchants to have a priority to sell, so tools for maintaining stable price will exist even if selling coins for people is slow. They will be able to spend them or keep them. You seem to lack understanding that. It will not be like open market where ICO lists on bitcoin exchange and investors just dump tokens and price collapses.
4) People who understand problem of crypto open market (do you even follow what is going on in crypto market right now?) and how prices are subjected to deflation because of fixed supply and lack of central governance will LOVE onecoin for providing necessary tools to keep the price stable, and yes, even if they own 60% of coins. Of course, they will not dump that all, but I can respect you for ASSUMING they will.

Tim Tayshun wrote:Ps. How do such numbers, maths and economics slip by you so easily?
If we will involve such terms, we need to compare it with the rest of pre-Live projects. Those simply do not apply until the project is open to the PUBLIC and LIVE. for Onecoin, it is October 08 2018. So let's wait for those terms for that date. But all is pretty clear. It's just you don't get it :(
Tim Tayshun wrote:Have "Curry Hater" point out JUST ONE fallacy in my first article, or
kindly tell him to choke on a turd- or at least stop worth the fucking
Everithing you ever said is either your opinion or misunderstanding, twist, soaked lie or assumption. This forum is a proof of that.
Of course, you guys call it "writing bullshit" but I get feedback from people who read both sides

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by flatrate » Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:41 pm

IGOR, I would secure the IP address of hot head harry because that is line crossing material. I would surmise this threat came from an IMA who had their account frozen or is of the mentally ill variety. It is simply not stable behavior to threaten someone for voicing an opinion about a project/idea that you are stake holder in..

now, as for tim whatever his real name is, keep on doing what your doing sonny boy and please do not slow down or stop your efforts..everything you do and say is marked and that is not a threat its a promise of our due diligence. we are millions strong and can handle the ups/downs/grey area of ONE but your slander and ill will is despicable. :P :P

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by detroyer » Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:43 pm

Igor, tell Tim that we are well educated people financially and we have an intellectual level that exceeded the university cycle for some of us, if he is willing to behave like a gentleman we are able better than anyone to discuss with respect and develop the topics that are foreign for him, but if he comes here to threaten Dr. Ruja and his family as he used to do, then he will see how we can be as nasty and dangerous than him, and he will be excluded from the forum as were before xpose and harry.

We don't like to use vulgar and dirty words, except when a trolls scatters their venom and their poison in this forum, they're used to defame and lie on OC and they think that will go unpunished, you're wrong Tim, you know that everything has a price and it may you cost very expensive in the future.

you say 120B should create inflation, it seems to me that you have no concept in finance and economics, since the existence of the decentralised cryptocurrencies, we recorded one or two new cryptos that launches the ico each day, each with its quantity in stock as XPR, DOGE, BCN in billions and some with a max supply of 8 trillions like DCN.

Tim, I ask you a question.
These Decentralized ico that emerge each day are they not a form of dangerous inflation, if the fiat currency has lost its value because of the significant amount of printing money by Governments, don't you see that the infinite number of decentralized cryptos on market is a copy of what Governments have done with fiat currencies.

The decentralized cryptos become a threat to the Government because of their anonyma, OC came to save the furniture and give new hope to the lovers of cryptography with an ecosystem that can back up the value of the one and transparency real, and absolute security during transactions.

If you think this is still a dream then I tell you that your dream to see Ruja fail is finished.

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by Dusan Torbica » Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:35 pm

Igor Krnic is on of the best individual which I personally know and he always trying to help to other's in any ways and not asking anything for return. So those "threats" has no sense and coming from really bad one's, plus Igor Krnic already has a lot of friends and followers who are grateful a lot for what he did and doing for whole ONE Ecosystem and more of that. Truth always comes to the surface and it will be better for everybody to accept it as it is. :)

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Re: Here is how criminals threaten and scare people against Onecoin

Post by Dream18 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:59 pm

All support to you Mr Igor for your exllent work
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