INDIA Arrests Case Analyzed

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INDIA Arrests Case Analyzed

Post by Igorkrnic » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:22 pm

First of all, I want to make a disclaimer that I made this forum to make a neutral ground for people that believe and those that do not believe in this mysterious project called Onecoin. I am not a promoter, I do not sell packages, I am not Onelife IMA but I do have Onecoins that I got with my education packs so I kinda did that because I currently trust in the company good intentions to carry out the great vision.
I do not recommend and give advice to people reading this forum to engage and be part of this project. My role on this forum is to give my personal opinion on most of the topics against Onecoin based on my perception. I did go to Sofia to meet management as a user just to make sure there is someone there and to ask questions, so I kinda trust them. I can be wrong, of course, so please do not take my opinion here as advice.
Just make it an ingredient for your own opinion and decision.

Here I would like to analyze what happened in India.

It all started with this news article from the Indian Express. Let's quote key parts.
We see that the title alone separated this event from the company:
OneCoin Case: Investors were told they would get massive returns in Dec 2018
Cause the company does not tell or promise any returns from Onecoins ever. It is known that Onecoin will become publicly traded sometimes in 2018 but no promises are being made. So this alone tells us that this event and what those people were advertising has nothing to do with the company.
Investors who deposited money with the fraudulent OneCoin company had been told that they would receive massive returns in December 2018. Investigations have found that the company had no registered office or bank account and the police said all payments were received by the accused in cash.
First of all Onecoin is not a fraudulent company and this clearly shows that author of this article is "educated" by bitcoin community whose OPINION is that Onecoin is scam cause they do not understand MLM and they refuse to believe that cryptocurrency can be centralized. Since they do not get to decide, they indeed poison people, authorities included with their crap but then again, no authority can make a verdict based on the accuser, the case needs to be investigated and then with the company itself and no investigation so far lead to the company itself being labeled as fraud. The only problems that emerged are due bad interpretation of the company from network people. Also, no MLM global company has no registered account in any country. It is all done via official outposts that are some local companies owned by some network leaders. The same is with Onelife.
A senior Navi Mumbai police officers said that following the payment, investors were given passwords to access their profiles on the OneCoin website. “On the website, investors could see how many coins they had purchased with their money. The accused had told the investors that the value of the coins would fluctuate according to the value of Euro,” said the officer.
True, upon buying education, you get your account at, but also you can use it on to submit free promotional tokens into mining and acquire onecoin. Only then you can see your onecoins at But those onecoins can only be spent on dealshaker for now.
The officer added that investors were also made to believe that the value of the coins would steadily increase as more and more people joined the multi-level marketing scheme. “That way, each investor would bring in their acquaintances into the scheme believing this would increase their returns,” said the officer.
Is this true or not? In any cryptocurrency, the more users join the more its value goes up. Why would the Onecoin be different? The difference is, that if you refer people to BItcoin, you earn nothing, but if you refer Education that grants Onecoin, you can get some profit out commission. If you refer Coca Cola to some one, you get nothing (marketing agencies do), if you refer Herbalife, you can make profit from commission cause marketing budget does not go to marketing companies, it goes to PEOPLE. Isn't cryptocurrency made for the PEOPLE?
In December 2018, said the police, the investors were to receive their payout. “Until then, the accused told the investors to wait and watch their investment grow steadily on the website. Had we not acted now, there would have been a flood of complaints next year after the investors would have realised that they had been cheated,” said the officer
This is so wrong to promise payments in Dec 2018 and the police was totally right to put this to the stop but this has nothing to do with the copany cause the company also forbids that. Bellow, I will write what the Onecoin company did with this case.
The police have booked four other individuals who they believe worked at senior positions in OneCoin. Interrogation of the 18 persons arrested on Sunday has revealed that the money they had collected so far was funneled into bank accounts not registered under OneCoin. “We have found four bank accounts registered under the names of other corporations. The accounts contain a large amount of money and we are in the process of freezing them, said an officer.
Anyone who knows how to buy Education also knows that you can't buy it without the company acknowledging your payment. One need to question how come those bank accounts still contain a large sum of money and this money was not moved to any foreign account (to the company main account). Maybe those people were just selling fog to buyers? Maybe they were selling some pre-made onecoin wallets? We will see this below.

On the next news article we see some controversies from the first article:
The Navi Mumbai Police have seized Rs 18.97 crore from bank accounts operated by OneCoin, a multi-level marketing scheme. They suspect the money belongs to the individuals who invested in the virtual currency.
Here they write that the accounts were operated by Onecoin and in the earlier article they wrote:
We have found four bank accounts registered under the names of other corporations
In the latest news, and haters really love this one :) We can see following:
The Navi Mumbai Police have filed a chargesheet against the promoters of crypto-currency OneCoin, accusing them of duping thousands of investors to amass Rs 75 crore. The police has also booked two Bulgarian nationals in its chargesheet, including Rjua Ignatova, the founder of the Ponzi scheme
Let's not be fooled by thinking this is a simple typo ;) I am pretty sure the author wrote Rjua instead of Ruja intentionally ;)
Butl let's assume they ever fix it. THIS IS HATERS DREAM COME TRUE :) There is an article that says that dr Ruja was charged as a founder of Ponzi scheme. Now they can finally forget about all those countries with 1year + old investigations where real governments were unable to find any viable proof of fraud nor ponzi, and now haters have THE REAL argument to spread around the comments like rats they are.
What does this mean in the first place? Well, if you ask me, when police arrest people for promoting something in a bad way, and they lock them, they of course need to make some paperwork in terms of charge sheet and the matter needs to be investigated.
Those arrested people, being real frauds they were, probably tried to save their ass by slandering the company. India is known by many frauds and many of its people are very well known that they will try to sell your head if they have to and if they get caught they will kill you just to save their ass.
Although we DID NOT SEE ANy OFFICIAL DOCUMENT that dr Ruja was on the charge sheet, I will not say it is a lie, I will say it is not a problem at all.
We will see below why.

What is interesting that the Indian Express did not write about something we could read on The Hindu:
“Kedia was not aware of the transaction, but he grew suspicious. He wrote to the bank informing his resignation as the director of the account and requested the bank to freeze the account. After keeping the account under observation for six months, the bank froze the account in February. Unable to make transactions, the main accused based in Mauritius and Bulgaria opened the other account. The ₹5 crore has been seized.”

Later, an accused approached Patel and secured permission to use his account to transact business. Patel was promised a monthly commission. Mr. Awate said, “Patel was unware of where the money was being deposited into his account. But he observed that money was deposited frequently and transferred or withdrawn immediately. Money was not kept in the account for a long period.” The EOW has frozen 35 accounts used to deposit money into the account.
We see two account owners who tried to bail them selves out like they were not aware of transactions. This is what I was talking about in previous paragraph.

Also, The Hindu mentions some person from Mauritius and Bulgaria:
The scam was busted in April 23 this year when 18 promoters of the scheme were arrested during a seminar organised by them at an auditorium in Juinagar. Mary Beyance from Mauritius and Ereena Andreva Belkinska from Bulgaria have been named as the main accused.
We have no idea where did those names pop up but haters seem to refer "Ereena Andreva Belkinska" as "Irina Dilkinska" and they claim she is head of legal department and they now relay that as parrots. Just like they were buzzing about the Macau event being banned and how Netherlands made a verdict that Onecoin is a fraud but they were just spreading fake news and they always tend to spread fake news cause they wish so hard that there is truth in there. It is astonishing, however, how thick their cheek is after all those fake news and failed collapse over past 2 years they still do this.
This Hindu news looks no different from Gerlachtreports to me.

The most stupid thing (besides the fact that they actually believe such company could not afford to have a blockchain where any programmer could fork one of the open sourced) is that they actually imply that dr Ruja and head of legal department actually went to India to bribe some people to open bank account so they can collect money from people that were promised high returns in Dec 2018 (ponzi) ??? Seriously?
Did you miss that dr Ruja has a degree in law and she just might know that would be illegal? How can you expect that lawyer will break the law so hard? Do you expect a medical doctor to intentionally kill his patient? Get a grip, please.

It is clear that the company does not make any promise about the value of Onecoin and profit of Onecoin once it hits public trading.
The open market will determine that when the time comes. So there is no talk about promised payouts from Onecoins which would be a ponzi.
However, despite the company's compliance, since Onecoins are being distributed via Onelife Education packages, some Onelife members tend to indeed market Education as an investment and promise profit from selling Onecoins. That is forbidden also by the company. The company will ban such people and will work with the authorities in such cases as we will see below.

I see no connection with India arrests with the company's compliance. Do you?

For the end, let's see a transcript of what dr Ruja had to say about India events from this video. I will bold and red important parts.
Well, unfortunately, we face situations every day in several countries, even more unfortunate is that most situations were self-made and unfortunately made by network. So once again I would like to ask Sebastian and all the leaders in the network to remind our people out there what we are doing. We are a company that sells education packages. We are not an investment, we are not selling onecoins, we are not selling cryptocurrency and this is extremely important.
Me, as a founder of this company and the management team, we will not tolerate people who go out to promise things that are not real, who go and make really bad claims to our company and what happened in India was very simple, there were 25 or 30 people who were marketing our company and our educational packages as investments.
All these people we have removed from the compliance, from the company because Onelife is not an investment company. There are no returns (from Onecoins) there are no promises like this, we sell education packages.
And who ever violates this will be taken out of the network because of compliance. And once again these people get in trouble, get prosecuted by the authorities and to be very honest, we also cooperate with the authorities on things like this because we will not let people scam our members. I also heard that some people tried to sell gift codes and did not deliver them and now again we as a company get blamed and we will not tolerate this.
We cooperate with India authorities, we support them where ever we can on the people who violate the rules and I once again say we as a company do not tolerate this.
We are a legal company, we do nothing illegal. I will not tolerate members who for their own profit, for their own interest sell this opportunity in the wrong way. So I again want to ask all of you out there to be responsible and to deal with our opportunity as it deserves to be dealt with and not like this. So as I said, we are speaking to the Indian authorities, we have delivered the names of the people who have violated the firm policy, we have warned everybody in India not to do so and I have stopped India registration process in India yesterday. Until all the leaders have not done another training with the compliance, with the company standard I will not reopen the market.
To see that not all Indian Onelife leaders worked badly we can watch this video from very good leader dr Zafar about the first Onelife diamond from India. They all suffer now because of some people who worked badly. We will see if real leaders will be able to teach leaders how to work and if the company settle this case with Indian authorities.

Also The company did make an official statement on those news back in April 28. 2017:

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Re: INDIA Arrests Case Analyzed

Post by Igorkrnic » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:24 pm

I would like here to post some haters argument from another saturated topic where he thinks Onecoin is promoted as an investment and my answer to that.
EagleOne wrote:
Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:10 am
I find it interesting that whenever any legal action, a country issues a warning about OC, or the authorities arrest OC members, OC trots out we only provide educational material, and members are only buying educational materials mantra.
I guess Ruja and Igor forgot about Ruja saying this in January 2016: ...
Hmm, if you are a financial services firm, you are offering investments. Oops.
Thank you for posting, please keep up. You are valuable.
First of all, no country issued warning AGAINST Onecoin, warnings are to make people realize there is a risk to lose money. We all know that.
The same warnings are also issued for Bitcoin.

So let's address this video you posted. I will make a transcript of it. But first keep in mind, reading my post here, I need to remind that Onelife is in selling business, Onecoin is in ICO business with cooperation with Onelife. This is a video where we could see the beginning of separation that happened in June 2016:
"And as much as I love Juha, Udo, Kari and all the leaders here but we are not the network marketing company.
We actually are in financial services. And one day, even guys like them will come to me and say: we made a huge living from the commissions but actually we made more money from our coins. "
First of all this was leader closed training where talk is tuned totally different and free. And it is clear she was talking about Onecoin part of the company, cause she wasn't even sure if they should start ICO with MLM. So even back then they did not advertise to sell Onecoins directly and nowhere near they were making guarantees and promises of Onecoins success. In order to participate in the ICO, you needed to buy education product in order to obtain Onecoins. This is how it is done even now. She also stated her opinion and vision that all the top leaders will one day earn more money from Coins. That is her vision, not a promise. Do not put words into her mouth. Onecoin part indeed is the part of the company that wants to make financial services so maybe that is why Germany and Austria ask them to have a license and they WILL obtain it?
Also, Onecoin being in finantial business has nothing to do with bad events.

Since you guys follow this project intensively for 2 years, maybe more, you probably know there is
Onelife network and there is Onecoin company.

Onelife network consists of Independent Marketing Associates,
people that promote and direct sell education packages from OneAcademy.

On the other side, there is Onecoin company that sells NOTHING. That is the company who is in making of its private, closed, centralized cryptocurrency and we can look at them currently as in their 3 year projected ICO stage. If we take a look al all the other ICOs you can not buy tokens/coins directly. You need to buy something else first in order to gain access to NewCoin wallet and receive its tokens/coins. In most cases, you need to buy Bitcoin or Etherium. In Onecoin case, you need to buy Oneacademy education from the Onelife IMA. Why? Cause only Oneacademy education is the only product that grants you access to obtain Onecoins.

To sum it up:
Other ICO - Some people made a blockchain and a project, they usually have a white paper where you can see it all if no revolutionary tech is used, if there is revolutionary tech used, they will not disclose their code and tech white paper. Then they will lose some of the participants, some will call them investors. So if some people like the risk and their project, they will obtain their coins. Usually, all the info is found on their website. Those ICO that did not disclose code and whitepaper get slandered as a possible scam. So they attract few thousands to few tens of thousand of people collecting millions of dollars so they can start the project. What will happen with those coins? No one knows, ICO participants are aware of the risk. But if this ICO company is making guarantees of a profit, it is kinda ponzi.

Onecoin on the other hand, is a bunch of financially experienced people who also made some blockchain back in 2014, they made a concept based on dr Ruja's vision to make something different, more stable cryptocurrency. To make a stable cryptocurrency she realized it needs to be protected and regulated, meaning CENTRALIZED. So she started this project to try to avoid current bubbling that is going on by Bitcoin and Altcoins on So she started this project totally differently and at the beginning in a wrong and a good way. The wrong way is advertising it as Bitcoin killer, cause it can not be a Bitcoin killer since it is on the opposite side. You can clearly see how she changed tune about that. And a good way is actually network marketing which is the best way to pump users in. Problem is that while there is official info on company's websites, network people are those who tend to make mistakes that are then attributed to the company. They make guarantees and promises of Onecoin profit (making it look as a pozi) where there are no promises from the company itself. There is of course a vision and optimism that Onecoin will succeed, but everyone is aware those are not guarantees. So indeed, network people make problems all around the world and you constantly link that to the comapany. It is ok that you make a mistake at the beginning but by now you needed to realize that company does not make promises or guarantees of Onecoin profit it self, only predictions based on their optimism. Those people who share that optimism will join, those who not will pass. But since you guys constantly try to make straws to try to link IMAs fault to the company seems like you are doing it intentionally or you are retarded. I personally don't think you are retarded.

If we know Onecoin is in financial services but currently does not sell anything, it will sell coins when it goes public next year.
If we know that only Onelife sells education that grants people exclusive access to Onecoin.
If we know that Onelife IMAs must not advertise education as an investment in Onecoin, and must not guarantee and promise profit from Onecoins.
Also watching latest webinar with the Ruja, Sebastian and Pierr my question to you is:
Do you still think any of the warnings, arrests or bad events have anything to do with the company being scam cause it is clear that everything is done to people who promoted Onecoin in a bad way luring people into buying education by promising high protif?
EagleOne wrote:
Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:10 am
Hmm, if you are a financial services firm, you are offering investments. Oops.
Good lord...So if a bank that is definitely in financial services offers you a loan it is offering you an investment?
Does the Western union offer any investment? Come on..

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Re: INDIA Arrests Case Analyzed

Post by slobodanboda » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:16 am

India case. Onelife has opened India registrations again ;) Congrats to India team for finishing education.

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Re: INDIA Arrests Case Analyzed

Post by aadi007 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:05 am

Have you all really gone insane, I attended the seminar in Navi Mumbai, they never said they were selling crypto currency, it's always education material and implied sell of crypto currency.. don't tell me no seller from one coin does that? Or are you all selling what exactly cabbages? Every investor of one coin knows exactly what they are buying and it's not freaking education material. Don't hoodwink people. Don't even start with the bank accounts...

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