KAZAKHSTAN Onelife case

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KAZAKHSTAN Onelife case

Post by Igorkrnic » Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:11 pm

We know there is an Onelife investigation ongoing in Kazakhstan. It started April 10. 2017 and according to Kazakhstan law any investigation must be closed after 3 months if no evidence is found. Onelife investigation is due at July 10 2017.

Police even went so far to put the top leader Mirsaitova DK to house arrest for precautions.

This is the source that wrote about that four days after investigations was opened. Tengrinews.kz

According to this article:
Economic Investigation Service of Astana SDD provides pre-trial proceedings against members OneLife companies for fraud on a large scale, the correspondent of Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press service of the Ministry.

"It is established that Mirsaitova DK and others have established an extensive network of activists working in all regions of the country, which was administered by cheating depositors misleading represents independent marketing partners OneLife Bulgarian company, touting the exclusivity they implement the so-called cryptocurrency OneCoin", - said in a statement.
So basically, top leader was put under house arrest, and they are suspected to be conducting fraud of taking money from investors.

Since Onelife operates in 192 countries, many people came to contact with me so I can have some real inside info.
Well, every normal man knows that almost every government is corrupt, and Kazakhstan is not the exception.
There is a good reason to believe that this investigation was lobbied and ordered by banks in Kazakhstan. According to my contact who's name I will hide cause police would not like him to speak about this.

Here is transcript for audio clip1 from the second screenshot. Originally I put audio clip itself but his voice could be recognized so I removed audio and just left transcript:
Yes she does. I am still getting invoices from her. She's like, all in Onelife"
Here is transcript for audio clip2 from the second screenshot
Yes, they will close investigation. And, Dilbar told the police: Who don't you sent the official statement to the company in Bulgaria. And they are not still doing it. Cause, Dilbar said, if you ask them to open a representative office of course they will do it. But the police is not doing it. Basically, they want the money. Buy you know, our government is corrupted.
Since almost 3 months passed, there were no evidence found, no "victim" came to complain how their money was stolen, "someone" needs to keep the case alive. So we have a new article on tengrinews.kz.

This time they go a little further. They tried to "explain" how Onelife works, selling education, getting free tokens to exchange for Onecoin. Then they explain how money flow was going. Nothing solid. Only writing stuff to fill the article. The article looks like it was written from bitcoin person for sure. Cause only they can say that Onecoin is not cryptocurrency. Article says:
As reported in CGD, OneCoin product is not actually cryptocurrency, and is an analog electronic payment unit, widely used in online games, respectively, all of the information installed depositors of the possibility of obtaining super-profits, is a crime fiction aimed at misappropriation of funds contributors
It is clear that they refer to One tokens here. Not Onecoins. As for promising big profits. That is also forbidden by the company and I got to know that in Kazakhstan they did not do it so no one will come to police to say he got promises.

Here is what out Kazakhstan source says about it (I needed to remove audio clip to protect him):
Basically, in my country, when police open the case, they should close it in three months. So basically if they opened investigation in spring, they couldn't find any problems with i, so the case should be due by July 10. SO that is why police is inviting people one more time who is a victim should come to us, otherwise we gonna close the case.
What is important, is that none of the mention in the article is actually illegal. They opened investigation cause they suspect there is a fraud ongoing. It is not even important who orchestrated this. Just let them conduct an investigation, if no one reports until July 10, police will need to close investigation.

No matter if it was orchestrated, there was a suspicion that fraud is going on and police made precautionary house arrest to the top leader but she still works Onelife while the investigation is ongoing. Onelife works in Kazakhstan since 2015 and it is strange they opened investigation just now in April 2017. That's what makes me raise an eyebrow, but ok. They need to close the investigation in 3 months and it is almost due and they found no "victims" and they have no proof of fraud. Fact that many people THINK Onecoin is not a cryptocurrency is not enough for any verdict. That will finish when Onecoin goes public. So since no further arrests were made, no evidence was found of fraud. We will wait for July 10th or something like that for the investigation to be over. If it closes that is.
However, like we saw in Sweden, is also possible that police will obey the law and close investigation and reopnen it just so Onelife makes no good news buzz :)

This whole article is heavily based on my trust in my contact from Kazakhstan. I speak with him for some time, I see his is a decent man. That is why I decided to make an article about Kazakhstan so any Onelife member would know what is going on.

Should I get any more news, and I will be asking in July. I will make update.

UPDATE September 21.2017
Since investigation deadline is over, it should be closed, but since it was lobbied by banks in Kazakhstan, the investigation has just moved to local town of Mrs Mirsaitova and they just asked some company papers from her and that is it. She is free, she was never actually arrested nor convicted.
Onelife work in Kazakhstan, she even organized 3-year Onelife anniversary.

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Re: KAZAKHSTAN Onelife case

Post by Igorkrnic » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:22 pm

UPDATE October 05 2017

Seems like this Kazakhstan case has come to closure cause Onelife leader that was put to home arrest is free to go out of the country since she already went to the Lisbon Onelife event. Also, the fact that she is attending meant that she is working Onelife without problems.
Although we are shut that rotten tabloids will not bother to make a news about this, we hope to see any official info about this

From the source from Kazakhstan:


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